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Boy, it has been a crazy week. I still am so lost for words and am still struggling to comprehend everything that's happening. To even complete and upload this piece, I'm actually terrified. It really is a big jump from a whole week of Disney digital paintings, to a dark kinda watercolour painting. Hopefully it's not too big though!

This girl was a little bit of an experiment; I love watercolour painting, and I love digital painting, so I wanted to kinda cross-over them both and see what I could come up with, and stylize my watercolour work a little. As you can see, those weird dripping lines have made a return!

Hoping you like this one a little more than I do, because boy am I nervous!

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PenciltipWorkshop's avatar
I love the cascading lines.
lgwildwomanofthenort's avatar
Love, love, love Devour beautiful design!
kelogsloops's avatar
Thank you!! Aw it's been a while since I last looked at this!
Arahiriel's avatar
Wonderful combination of exact lines and free watercolours!
kelogsloops's avatar
Thank you!! I'm glad you liked the combination, was really unsure of it haha
Arahiriel's avatar
I TOTALLY love the combination. :nod: You are welcome.
KanchanMahon's avatar
No need to be nervous! It's fantastic! 
How did you make this conglomerate?
kelogsloops's avatar
Hnggg kanchan thank you honestly so much for all the love!
Did you mean in reference to the two different styles? or soemthing in particular? :O
KanchanMahon's avatar
Oh! I meant what media?
kelogsloops's avatar
Ohh! It's a mix of watercolour/pencil/gel pen and i scanned the image onto photoshop and drew the black dripping lines with photoshop!
KanchanMahon's avatar
Ahh! Gorgeous mixing!
kelogsloops's avatar
:D Thanks Kanchan!!
dm1235's avatar
the glamor miss you
Erudithral's avatar
Very nice. I really like the splattering and dripping effects of the watercolor paint. Have you ever tried using watercolor pencils?
kelogsloops's avatar
Thank you so much!

I have tried them in past, but I struggled to use them because they kept the pencil stroke lines and I found it a little frustrating :( But then again, they were my first time using watercolours haha.
Erudithral's avatar
Them seem pretty cool from what I've seen. Maybe you just gotta try practicing with them a bit more. :)
RadiantGloom's avatar
Oh wow, I'm a month behind on your work apparently QAQ I'm sorryyyy
This looks great!! I really love how this turned out. The word devour means to consume something recklessly and destructively, and to barely think about it. I love how you gave it that title when her face is this picture of thoughtlessness while she's surrounded by carnage, and she's just got a hand to her mouth as if to say that all she can think to do is satisfy her own hunger without considering the consequences. Which could be a metaphor for other real life situations, like achieving her own goals without thinking about how it could affect those around her. Bye. //interprets randomly and scurries away
kelogsloops's avatar
DONT APOLOGISE RADDD!!! You can't apologise for nothing you did wrong!


I love your reading into this so much! Actualy, just whenever somebody interprets my work it's always so interesting and lovely to hear. But coming from you..... it makes it just 
RadiantGloom's avatar
OKAY I'M SORRY //reappears in a plume of smoke
Hahaha, I'm glad you liked my interpretation so much ^^
NightWoven's avatar
It's so beautiful! I especially love the splatter/web effect on the sides. How do you do that??
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