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I made a new Speedpaint Video for this piece! :D

Watch the Drawing Process Video Here 

If you have any suggestions, recommendations or just an idea for something you'd like to see me do, please leave a comment!

Feeling a little rusty still with my digital work! It's been a while, but boy does it feel great to finally get cracking. This piece follows from what I mentioned in my previous drawing, Insomnia in regards to my little "career/study" decision and whether I wanted to pursue a creative career.
The greatest thing after posting Insomnia was the amount of wisdom, advice, opinions, and even support that I was so fortunate to receive. It really did encourage me and point me in a direction that I felt was what I thought was really true to heart and to what I honestly wanted.

Simply, this piece is an answer, a decision. It sounds a little cheesy, but its my decision to not sit back and do nothing, but to actually do something... to write my own story! By story, I don't mean a book or anything haha. I mean, to write my own future, and to carve my own path for myself. 

To those people kind enough to take even the slightest amount of time out of their day to write to me with advice, opinions, own personal thoughts and experiences, or even a simple message of encouragement and support, thank you. It really meant a lot to me. It still does.

Some more of my work: 
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looks to me to be a rendition of Princess Kidakagash [Kida] from Disney's Atlantis... possibly also looking at her story as well 8)

Lovely work

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Cool lighting! I also really like the movement of the papers. It's really mesmerising!Clap 
I'll fav this!
just gorgeous
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Your illustrations are all wonderful!
I like how you play with the light in your pieces, it gives a great magical feeling!
And for this one, i love the message you delivered with it about writing the book of your life.
May the light be on your way!
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Thank you very much!
I really enjoy painting with light and colour, I feel like they're very strong elements that can make you feel a certain way or evoke a certain mood or thought, so it's very important to my work!
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I've been trying to get back into writing, and this really helped me out today.
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Oh, that makes me very happy to hear! I'm glad I could even remotely move you so :D
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Added this as my desktop wallpaper for NaNoWriMo :D wonderful work~ it'll inspire me to write down that so far unwritten 50k words in a month~ <3
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YAY! I'll be honest, even though it's a little weird to desktop my own drawing, I actually did desktop it for a while HAHA.

Thank you so much though, I hope it can inspire you even the slightest in your writing challenge!! :D
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Oh awesome~ :D
It's my pleasure, and thank you as well for making such inspirational works~ :D I'll do my best and remember to write every time I see our drawing~ <3
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:'D that makes me very happy to hear 
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:love: it is indeed inspiting and working for me~ haven't missed a day without writing so far and am keeping up with the goals ;)
kelogsloops's avatar
That makes me so very happy to hear! I'm so glad that you're working hard at it, that makes two of us! :-D Let's keep going!!
Siara-chan's avatar
yeah, let's do it~ :D
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This is so beautiful!!! :D
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omigosh another gorgeous piece ;; 
I love the words floating around!!!
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HDASDSADASD i friggen luv ya :')

HAAHA HOW COOL ARE THE WORDS. I thought they were so damn coool making them xD
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HHAHAHA its SUPER DAMN COOL so u did a great job hahahah
I love floating words dude c'x
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I really wished I could see what's inside that book too.. :iconrlytearplz: Anyway, YOU'RE MAKING THE VIDEOS WHOOOO!! //goes to see immidietly
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... it's 50 shades of grey... the graphic novel edition..


YES! I want to be able to make videos more regularly hehe. I really look up to this chnnel called DrawWIthJazza, so I want to be something like him :D
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