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I discovered this Japanese art form called "kintsugi," where broken ceramics are mended with metallics like gold and silver. It was this kind of appreciation for the scars something that was 'damaged' and then 'repaired' that was so charming and unique about it. That something broken could be something so beautiful because of its scars.

Some more of my work: 

words spoken, softly by kelogsloops    We're Simply Meant To Be by kelogsloops    drowned thoughts by kelogsloops
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Oh, wow! The contrast really works out beautifully. 
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truly beautiful!!  Flashing Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara
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Wow the light in this picture 
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Very nice description. Also the art is pure beauty. Keep it up
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I’m speechless. There’s something sad and unspoken in this picture. Great job.
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Do you ever draw inspiration from songs when you work on these more conceptual pieces?
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First of all I also found out relatively recently about kintsugi, and like many ideas from the East that I also admire I love this way of thinking, that everything in this imperfect existence, not being able to achieve perfection - which would just neutralize existence alltogether by being a paradox - , is, paradoxically, perfect in its imperfection. Viewing imperfection as true perfection, uniqueness and completeness, which also touches on the whole Yin-Yang duality, good and evil, oposites transforming into the other and actually being the same as the other at their core, just another face of the coin, wabi sabi, mushin... these sort of ideas make me really love Eastern philosophy systems.

That's why it's great for me to see your own take on such an important concept in my opinion. I love the fact that you didn't use the standard precious metals fillings, but instead opted to show the character as being illuminated and having such a serene expression. Also the shards transforming into feathers, or just mixing up with feathers coming from the broken lines, also drives home the point that, through hardships, your character achieves a higher state of mental and spiritual development.

Technically speaking love the aparent graphic-like simplicity of this work, not to mention the beautiful light-and-dark balance. Also the character's expression is wonderfully done and really drives home the point of an inner transformation.

What more can I say, this work really spoke to me and I'm really grateful you chose to depict this wonderful philosophical idea in your art. Thank you for creating it and for sharing it with us, for me at least it means a lot and reminds me I am perfect in my imperfection, something I need to realize more often :happycry:
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This is beyond gorgeous!
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Fascinating art, and fascinating description. Great stuff!
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This is stunning, well done
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I always enjoy your works... 
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Ahhh this is so beautiful!! I love how you conveyed your idea :heart:
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Beautiful. Just beautiful. :dalove:
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Love the colors ! Great artwork.
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Color and composition are awesome. Love it.
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As always, your use of colour and space astounds me!
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Something reminds me go "Ghost in a Shell"....
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