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I've FINALLLY finished it! The digital painting series I've been working on! This one is the last piece for the trio of digital paintings you've seen recently~ I'm planning to enter them into a local gallery exhibition, so I'm stoked and proud to say I've done it! This was definitely the hardest and most complicated, because I've never drawn mountains and it was ridiculously time-consuming to get to a point where I was satisfied with the outcome. Still iffy, but happy. The mountain was inspired by 77chen 's painting, 'Mountain'

This one, titled Senescence is in reference to the land and natural environment we live in itself and the 'biological aeging'. To sum it up, the idea of these paintings revolved around the 'Moon' as mentioned in my last piece; that regardless of our changes in the environment, urbanization, pollution, global warming and deforestation etc., the Moon and stars will always remain the same, relatively at least.

For those who haven't seen the other two, here they are:

Senescence by kelogsloops   Transcendence by kelogsloops   Decadence by kelogsloops

Hope you like it, and hope you've liked the series!
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This piece is so lovely. I do agree with shelaghcully on the lens flare-type effect you have going on being pretty distracting and unnecessary
. I think the girl's body could use some very minimal texture or color variation, because she kind of fades into the mountain to the point that I thought the mountain was her knees initially. It might make the readability a little stronger.
Your use of line directions is fantastic and helps keep the viewer's eyes moving around. I really like the amount of detailing there is to look at. Overall I really like the quality and style of your work.
I think some of the idea is a little vague, and difficult to see without some kind of prompt, but it still is a very lovely piece that sticks.