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La Lune


Watch the Drawing Process Video Here 

This lovely lady is a concept that i've had in mind, and she's become a bit of a 'recurrent' character or embodiment of the night sky & the moon, that I've been sketching and drawing a lot lately.

She's taken shape to become "La Lune", or "The Moon" who carries and hangs the lights of the world; the stars! She's this entity that falls deeply in love with another; 'The Ocean', but no matter what circumstances, they can never touch or embrace one another, bound by their circumstances. For certain periods of each month, they try to break from their physical boundaries and try to meet at the Tide, but to no avail, they still can't break free. No matter, for their love is so strong that they still try again in a cyclic perpetuity. 

They fall immortally in love with one another, chained to a cycle of forsaken love.

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so beautiful :3
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it's so beautiful i'm almost crying
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I love watercolor, this painting is amazing.
Gavenia's avatar
Very enchanting and well-placed details.
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It's amazing *___*
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Even though it's watercolours, but it really mimics the scenes of a starry night well!
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I look at this piece and I can just... feel. In my chest. I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's what it's like. Those antlers are glorious. 
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wow, this is brilliant. You truly captured the texture of watercolor.
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Totally rocking the gold \m/
Cocoa-and-tea's avatar
Love the texture on the antlers!
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She is really beautiful. I love the you use the white of paper, the contrast is amazing.
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thankyou so much!! hehe, big fan of negative space!
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Your art is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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this is so lovely!
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Very inspiring !
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