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You know those nights, where you lay in bed, and find yourself unable to sleep for countless hours, days on end? You're plagued by these thoughts that consume your mind, play at your thoughts and eat each second away from your night. You know those nights? Yeah.

For some of you who may know, I've been confronted and contemplating with this decision for months, about whether I want to pursue a career in art, or continue my line of study in what's considered a "stable" career in today's society. It's always been my dream to be able to one day pursue and live my dream of art. But if it's so simple, then why have these thoughts surrounding this decision given me so many restless nights?

That's what Insomnia is about. You know, those kind of nights, right?

Some more of my other work

the wild collective by kelogsloops   Unwritten by kelogsloops   thank you, satoru iwata by kelogsloops
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As a person with insomnia:
good job
depicts insomnia pretty well
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I wish my insomnia were this pretty!!
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Wonderful color palette, it got so harmonious Love 
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I love the colours and the linework. Your style is awesome!
Interesting work.:)
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i absolutely adore your colors, and the edging and bleed mix is great, very interesting and beautiful artwork.
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This is absolutely stunning. It's dark and mesmerizing, with the depths of indecision written there, so complex... Beautiful work. 
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Interesting ! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Beautifully done! :)
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beautiful art, I don't know about your career but you definetly have talent ! I've had severe insomnia for 5 months now so this piece really hits close... Do you still suffer from it ?
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thank you!
I have no said career, but i've made the conscious decision to chase the dream and hopefully, one day have a career in the field!
In all honesty, ever since, I've slept so much better. I don't feel the anxiety and restlessness and constant eating away of my thoughts at night anymore. I do still struggle to sleep though, but nothing like that anymore.

Is everything okay on your side?
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This artwork is from last year, but I want to throw in my own two cents, because I've been there myself, in a way. What it really comes down to is control. Control of your own career. Because the life of a career artist is mostly more unpredictable (and less stable) than a regular full-time job where you are always guaranteed a paycheck. In my experience, people come to you with offers of good intention, but those can fade away if more important things are happening with them at the moment. And if you go back to them, they might say, "Well I'd like to, but I need the money for ........ right now." If you find the right people with the right money, then everything falls into place. But there's faith and chance involved. I couldn't handle that myself, well, that and knowing/feeling this isn't something I want to build my own well-being around. That might not be encouraging, but I think it is close to reality.
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By the way, I just found your artwork today and it is really fantastic and unique in its own way. The "right people" would definately want you to do work for them! (But for all I know, this is already behind you by now, lol)
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words can not describe this feeling for this artwork
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I can only hope it's a good feeling!!
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Curious if you've decided as to what you're going to do. 
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:) I certainly did decide, and it went along the lines of saying 'screw it, I'm going for it'.

I am now entering my first year into studying toward a career in the creative industry.
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Thank you so much for replying. Congratulations! I'm glad you took the leap. I'm in the same boat. Clap 
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