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Hold Onto Innocence

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I've been so excited to finally complete this drawing. Why? Because I've recorded my first speedpaint video documenting the drawing process in FOR-EVER!!! And that brings us here:

Watch the Speedpaint Video Here 

If you have any suggestions, recommendations or just an idea for something you'd like to see me do, please leave a comment! Or, if you just simply want to see more, I'll be making more in future so be sure to subscribe!

This painting comes with quite a significant meaning for my current time and point in life I suppose. It's a little cheesy, but i
t's the idea that as we grow up, there's that little bit inside of us, our innocence that kind of seemingly flutters away without us really noticing. It's the fact that the people around me; my friends, embark on this kind of transition that nobody really notices taking place -  they start to shoulder a different kind of responsibility.
It's nothing bad, it's just something that happens I guess.

They don't change to become a bad person or a heroic icon or anything, they just change, and that's okay. 

We grow up.

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The subtle use of blue in your picture really brings the main character out more! The high contrast of light and dark looks great. What ever techniques you use in your art to make it look like a "still frame" of a makes your art look like no other artist. You have a very original style that stands out. Beautiful work!

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Thank you for imagining and sharing this with us.

The colors and illustration really helps communicate that 'sad-but-its-going-to-be-alright-you-just-keep-holding-on-to-yourself-and-the-things-you-care-about', comforting sort of feel.

Thanks for this.
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Super wonderful! \o/
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This is beautiful.
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thank you again! :D 
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This is absolutely the most beautiful piece I have ever seen. Hands down. 
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wow... now THAT is a huge compliment!
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No problem! Love Clap 
just wooooooooooow!
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what kind of recording software do you use?
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I use Screenflcik!
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Thank you c: c: 
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Wonderful like always!
We can all grow up and keep an innocent heart! I llike adults with a child heart! <3
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Aw, thank you so much, that's such a huge compliment to take in!

That makes two of us then :-D As afraid as I am of growing up and losing my childish heart, I'm going to make sure I'll always be a child at heart :D
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Tears of sadness...
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I am literally tearing from seeing this...
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Aw, please don't be sad! I can probably understand why it might be a bit sentimental though, in a way it is quite a sad thing to see and experience, but it can also mean new beginnings and something new to look forward to!
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That is why I have the tears. A new beginning is always something to look forward to.
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So very true. It definitely is something I'm going through right now, and though its sad, it's just as exciting, so I hope the same for you
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