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I've become so easily obsessed with experimenting in metallic inks as of late. While I was overseas over the break, I managed to discover this awesome fine art store that stocked SOOOO MUCH AWESOME ART SUPPLIES! So, as you do, I blew a big portion of my Christmas savings on new supplies, including a heap more of metallics, so VOILA!

Metallic silver meets metallic rose gold!!! 

Some more of my work: 

    We're Simply Meant To Be by kelogsloops   rest by kelogsloops   Ghost by kelogsloops

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This is one of my favorite paintings so far! I know you from Instagram and I also took part of your #drawthisinyourstyle, by the way I loved replying your illustration and the fact that you featured my work in your stories was a great honour for me! :)

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Totally Yes! Love The Fantasy Within.

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very sweet!), i like it!
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I love the use of negative space for her hair, and the use of the metallic paints is so well executed!
camelCaseUser's avatar
I like the use of color here, especially the gold.
PenciltipWorkshop's avatar
beautiful, a true work of art. nice use of colour too.
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I discovered this art work long time ago but however I am still amazed each time I see it.
It is utterly beautiful and strong
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It's so light, it really is wonderful Heart 
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This painting flows really nicely. Good job!
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Breath-taking, yet another faved! Beautiful job.Nod 
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Man I love your stuff haha
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On behalf of :iconprojectcomment:

Simply beautiful fragmentation technique!
Love your drip.
Love how you guided those colors!
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OMG I love it love it love it!
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Gotta. Buy. Metallic. Inks. NOW.
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Lovely, this is truly gorgeous! <3
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OMG amazing *0*
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CeaCeaSoulshine's avatar
This is sweet! 
Love your style!
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