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I finally finished my University exams! Four months holidays here we come WOOHOOO!

Took a while to finally get around to finishing this piece that was sitting around for a while. It's a continuation of the series, or concept along with my other painting, 'Transcendence'. The idea behind this is the 'decadence into the luxury of urbanization', into cities, commercialism and personal indulgence. But regardless of the change in the environment, whether it be in the ocean or land, the Moon and stars will always remain the same. That's the central idea of both these paintings, rather. I won't spoil the rest of the interpretation any further~ :D

The Series:

Senescence by kelogsloops   Transcendence by kelogsloops   Decadence by kelogsloops

I've never drawn a city, or really landscapes for that matter, so painting this was definitely a challenge, something new and equally enjoyable! Such a learning experience, especially drawing a metropolis as dense and ridiculously tall as this! It was inspired by Sanskarans drawing, City of tomorrow. I hope I did it justice!

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy it!
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This piece looks amazing my friend! All the tiny little details are just giving me the shivers in this one haha

I personally love the concept and execution. However, I gave you 4 stars on Impact, because if you didn't explain the concept.. I'm not sure a lot of people would have gotten it.

Now more praise! The details on the woman's face are leaving me speechless.. The way the lighting catches her skin along with her gradually becoming one with the entire city.. It's just so inspiring! I also have to say I love those white birds! They add in such a nice little detail that really finishes this piece in my opinion.

I know you love to draw hair and it's a very bold step to continue into canvas pieces.. But you're doing great so far! The only small thing that I would like to add, is those lines that are on the top.. They look neat, and fine like they belong there.. But I would suggest to go with a more starry night or perhaps even a satellite here and there to really finish up the whole concept.

But that's just me, being nitpicky haha xD

Keep this up and PS: I'm looking forward to our project mate! Awesome job ^^
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Thank you so much once again!!!!!! Especially for spending the time to write such a critique!

I definitely do understand what you mean about 'not getting the painting unless you read it', it's definitely a whopper to take in and quite alot and borderline excessive! I was hoping to get some more 'starry night' in as well actually! But the composition didn't work out so well and I had to make a compromise. I'm glad we're thinking on a similar line though!!! :D

I am looking forward to it as well HEHEHE :D
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Anytime mate!

I really enjoyed writing this critique ^^

Haha we sure are on the same page! :D
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very impressive and beautiful work!!!
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I added this to my favorite.
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your art is so majestically beautiful *o*
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Thank youu!!!! 
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Great piece stunning as hell.
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Thanks so much!! :')
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I love this soooo much. Please set the series up as a prints - I'd definitely hang this on my wall!! <3
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Thank youu so much AHH :D ♥ ! I've set up my digital prints up on my society6 store, if you were interested!!! 
This is good mate, keep it coming. Stay true to yourself!
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thanks so much!

i will try my best! I REALLY WILl! AND I WONT LET YOU DOWN!!!
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I love the detailed glow of the buildings accompanying the "grandeur" this pciture has going for it,in a sunset(?)
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