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Coral Rose


You know that moment when the sun is setting and there's that split minute where the sun casts this golden glow across everything and the skies and clouds just turn to that searing pink-red?
Yeah :)

This is 
probably the epitome of my favourite colour -- somewhere between a "Coral-Rose" and a "Sunset/Peachy Orange". As you can see though, my strange hair obsession has returned, and in full motion! 

Some more of my work: 

Fragmentation by kelogsloops    We're Simply Meant To Be by kelogsloops   rest by kelogsloops
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The fluidity of the hair is impressive.
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Hi! I recently found your artwork and I really like your art style! I'm hoping to draw like this and am interested in learning as a major or course. Thing is I cannot figure out what it's called. Is it graphic design, illustration or something else? Advice is much appreciated w00t! 
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It immediately made me think of a sunset! Beautiful colors =D
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Is there a way to mass add things to your favourites?? I love your art so much, it's gorgeous! :)
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Oh my gosh I know exactly that moment! There was this one day when the trees around my house looked like they were on fire, no kidding; it was freakish and beautiful all at the same time. This is so neat how you translated that kind of fire to a person.
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I absolutely love this one! 
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You plan out your colors so well! 
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Amazing, I love the colors! What(how) did you make those while lines in the hair with?
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this is beautiful! love the contrast between soft watercolours and the black contour. and the white highlights on eyes and lips.. what did you draw white lines on the hair with?
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that is probably my favorite color too, it's like the best time of the day, i wish there was a whole day where the sky was that color xD
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HOORAY! Sunset-orange pals hehe, i know right!
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Gotta tell you, I just had a 'wow' moment
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aw geez, thanks!!
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Love the way how you portrait hair with watercolour *-*
Really beautiful!
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What materials so you use?!?? This is amazing!!
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