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Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish

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Today's Disney Valentine; Cinderella and Prince Charming!
Cinderella's scenery and colour palettes were always so beautiful in my eyes. The design of the castle, the midnight-setting, and the idea of that crazy brilliant blue dress. Not to mention, with the anticipation of the upcoming new release Cinderella film by Disney, oh man!

I wanted to capture a more dreamy, ethereal effect with this recreation of the classic dance scene, and make the dress really 'pop' and seem much more magical, with alot of inspiration coming from the trailer for the live animation for Cinderella! ALSO WHAT THE HECK CINDERELLA'S FRINGE IS ACTUALLY BANGS. All this time I thought it was some weird bun for a fringe omg.

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The Disney Valentines: I've decided to take on a bit of a (massive) challenge to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day. In retrospect, Disney's animated films have got, hands down, some of the most mesmerizing, unforgettable scenes that are just pwoahhhhhh. So I've decided to recreate these Disney scenes leading up to Valentine's Day over the next few days!

Tarzan: Two Worlds by kelogsloops   Aladdin: A Whole New World by kelogsloops   Pocahontas: Colours of the Wind by kelogsloops   Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish by kelogsloops   The Little Mermaid: Part of Your World by kelogsloops   Tangled: I See the Light by kelogsloops
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Love the magic symbols, that radiate from the dress as they dance. It really makes for a beautiful mood, and gives it a very enchanting feel.
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So much Scenery Porn!
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I take it you saw the 2015 film, yes?
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Your take on these disney scenes is simply amazing!Such a unique style,loving it!
Remember those big paintings of Prince Charming at different ages in the King's throne room?  I measured them on a clip from Cinderella, and compared them with the Grand Duke's height.  I estimated that they were approximately 15, 16.5, 15.75, and 27 feet tall and equally wide, not counting their frames.
Hello ! I'm a french Youtuber and I want to make a cover of the song "So this is love" in french. I find your picture so... MAGIC !!! Would you mind if I use it as a thumbnail ? Of course, I will notice your name and the link of your work in the description :)
Thank you very much !

PRC - Piano, Reprises et Compositions
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Cinderella's dress really shines here. ;)
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In the Disney animated film of Cinderella, her ballgown was silvery grey.  It was changed to blue for the merchandising.

Yeah, I never really liked the hairstyle on Disney's Cinderella.  Or on Disney's Snow White.
Can you make a Cinderella with a Marine Sgt is dress blues?
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Oh wow this epic!!! So beautiful!!! Definitely dreamy!!! Pink Heart Icon 
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Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess! >3< 
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What an incredible picture. I just love the light and colors.
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my favorite disney princess..aww you made them glow so magical!
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aaah this is so good <3 my inner child is so happy and loves this so much. think this movie was one of the first disney movies i watched
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