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Gosh, it's been forever since I last painted digitally... damn I miss it. I've been painting and drawing so much with watercolour lately, and realised my tablet's gotten pretty dusty, and my digital skills -- rusty! Wanted to take a step back and paint digitally for a day, and here it goes! I ended up cropping it for an iPhone wallpaper too, hooray!

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Composition and colors are fantastic

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Beautiful !!!

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i love the colors!
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The style how you painted the background is beautiful. 

I love the soft clouds and the the abstract drips that strike the painting. 
The brokeh affect adds to this dreamlike softness. 

I love galaxy, space paintings :) <3
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That's so beautiful! 
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It's fucking awesome !!🌌
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Lost in's the only way to go!!
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this is really cool!
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I like how bright and soft it is! You make space look warm.
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sooo beautiful :heart:
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Hahaha XD love your sarcastic cheer for using a wallpaper
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I love the effect *A*
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Wow so so so beautiful
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- screams -

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Parting the curtain of light this astronaut travels to the galaxy beyond in the sea of stars. Here the astronaut goes prepared suited up in his/her spacesuit to travel from the comfort of day into the night/infinity of space Beautiful work - it makes me think of the joy of the journey and discovery of new things by traveling beyond the boundaries in which we are comfortable. 
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Oh space art! Gosh I love the colors so much and how surreal it is! I always really admire that in your work~ And heh I'm the opposite, all digital and no traditional (Why does traditional art supplies cost so much omg D: )
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