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Triassic Flooding

Did you know that in the middle triassic period it rained for two million years?

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Although we all technically decend from Lystrosaurus...

Im not sure if dilophosaurus is period

Also, does giving a prehistoric proto-mammal blue eyes count as whitewashing?
I wouldn't want the picture to be culturally insensitive.😏
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Your description is so funny. lol. XD
Thanks for putting in the link.  I didn't know about that 2 million year flood.
Your creativity is great, but I'm offended that this only depicts chordates. They only make up a small percentage of life.  Where are the other phylums? I'm calling out Chordate supremacy here.  Lol. ha ha ha, I'm just kidding. XD
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Invertabrates are an important part of God's plan for his creations and in the end they will take their place in the the Kingdom of Heaven.:) (Smile)  

 I really wanted to push the "DINOSAURS ON THE ARK" concept the creationists are so obsessed with, but present it in such a riddiculous way that noone will be able to take it seriously.

Dont get me wrong, I believe in Noah's flood and in 3500 millionish years of evolultion, but my father always said mixing religion and science gives you bad religion and bad science.  
Showing creatures that aren't in the Bible on a boat that isn't in the paleontological record is BAD RELIGION and BAD SCIENCE.

opinions are great as long as you don't confuse them for fact.