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The Ark
More of a traditional Noah's Ark.

The Genesis Ark is not that boat shaped thing you always see in children's books, with the girraffe heads and elephants sticking out and everything.
  The Noah's Ark in genesis is looong and thin.  It has one door, and one window.  It was also covered in pitch, so was probably black in color, or sand covered like a shingle.

  This one is heavy on perspective but it's relatively to scale.  There are many shapes I could go with but I chose to make it "Tight, like unto a dish", coping the Jaredite boats in The Book of Mormon.
I heard a rumor once that the jaredite boats where based on noah's ark, and a rumor that some jews believe the ark was lit by a crystal like like with the jaradites and ect...   
I dont know if any of those rumors are true, but I liked the idea annd went with it

this ark has some unusual creatures, but how else would we still have Rocs and jotuns if the whole earth flooded?
i also just ddnt want to use the same ol' story book noah animals
according to the apocraphal book of enoch, there was a giant who got permission to be straped to the top of the ark. also there were "reems" animals so big they didn't fit so instead were toed behind by ropes
that all silly, but it gave the  whole situation an interesting feeling that kind of guided the animal selection here

my typing is getting worse as I getting more tired

the church is true
Joseph smith ws a prophet
Jesus saves!
the flood is a metaphor for baptism, it cleanses you from sin
because Jesus. amen
Self portrait
Surprise! I'm a Girl! I'm transgender.
I still believe in the Church . . . even if the Church doesn't believe in me
You think Uranos is on it's side?  What makes you think that it's not the rest of the solar systems that is skewed? huh!

Made in blender. I'm finally learning how to use the shaders

The moon is Miranda, who orbits at an angle so this pic could actually work.

or is Miranda strait and everything else is at an angle!
Sorry, just being silly.
Remember Einstein says you are literally the center of the Universe : )
I just got back from a two year mission. It was great.
I'm excited to get drawing again!
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United States
- Transgender Mormon Gamer Geek -

I draw in phases, with dead times inbetween.

Current Residence: Salt Lake


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