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San Diego Comic Con 2012 has come and gone and I have two big announcements!

First, I have a new creator-owned project called, MonstHer! Story and art by (me) Kelly Yates, and colors by the extremely talented Rachelle Rosenberg.

I've been developing the concept on and off a few years now, meanwhile trying to figure out how I was going to distribute it. I initially thought about going through Image Comics like I did with Amber Atoms, but I decided to take a risk and experiment with releasing exclusively digital.

Some of you might be saying, "Boo, no fair!", but hold on, I'm not completely abandoning print or retailers. Once the story is complete and I've hopefully built an audience, I'll collect into a trade paperback.

The cool thing about digital distribution is if I can reach 1,000 paying downloads I can keep the series going. A 1,000 digital copies will pay me, a colorist, a letterer, etc., versus having to sell approximately 5,000 printed copies to breakeven just on printing. An extremely difficult task for an independent creator in an already tough marketplace.

All this leads me to the second big announcement, the launching of Artist Alley Comics, the new home for creator-driven digital comics and MonstHer! Co-founded by Craig Rousseau, Rich Woodall and myself, we consider ourselves more of a hub for creator-driven digital comics rather than a company trying to make a profit off other peoples ideas and our price structure proves it with 80% of the profit going directly to the creators.

Fans also benefit by receiving a DRM-free PDF for they digital collection. We're not out to fight piracy, we just ask that you own it responsibly. So follow the link over to Artist Alley Comics and download FREE preview issues by awesome artists like: Craig Rosusseau, Rich Case, Randy Green, Chris Kemple, Michael May, Jason Copland and Shawn McManus.

Both of these projects have taken a huge amount of time to need you support.

Help tell a story!


Artist Alley Comics:

MonstHer on Facebook:
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I'm excited to announce that starting today, you will be able to download Amber Atoms to your preferred handheld mobile device from the iTunes store. What's really cool is you can download the first issue for FREE through the Comixology app. After that it's only 99¢ an issue. So get your digital copy and enjoy the adventure!

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Fall is finally here and I think a great way to kick it off is by attending one of my favorite shows, the Baltimore Comic Con (Oct 10-11). I'm not sure where I'll be set-up, but if you're there drop by and visit. I'll have original artwork for sell and I'll also be working on sketches. Speaking of original artwork, I have updated my SHOP section with available artwork and will continue to expand over the next few weeks.

Well, I guess it's not an update unless I talk about Amber Atoms. I have just about finished illustrating the entire fifth issue. Check out the cover and an interior page below (click to enlarge). Also, for all you cool kids (and adults) out there who prefer reading their comics on an iPhone, Amber Atoms will be joining the Comixology family of products on iTunes. I don't have an official release date yet since the files are being converted, but when it hits I'll let you know.

Also, I do have some availability in my schedule so if you're interested in having me work on a project please feel free to contact me and we can talk further. As much as I love comics, I also have a graphic art background that I can apply to a wide variety of projects.
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Here are my signing times for San Diego Comic-Con. Bring your copies of Amber Atoms, Doctor Who or anything I worked on and I'll sign it. If you don't already have copies, I'll have a few on hand.

See ya in San Diego!
Kelly Yates

Image Comics #2729
Thursday 5:30 – 6:30 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 - 12:00 PM

IDW Publishing #1705
Sunday 12:00 - 1:00 PM
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Illustrator Kelly Yates brings his sci-fi vision to Image!

20 November 2008 (Berkeley, CA) -  This February, after exploring the worlds of TELLOS, DOCTOR WHO, GREEN ARROW and JLA/JSA, artist Kelly Yates kicks off his very own ongoing sci-fi adventure series, AMBER ATOMS!

"AMBER ATOMS comes from a deep rooted love of space faring sci-fi adventures, like STAR WARS and its own inspiration, the 1930s Flash Gordon serials," said Yates. "Each issue fires off at as fast a clip as possible, with cliffhangers at every turn while still maintaining my favorite part of the book - Amber herself. A good sci-fi story is held together by the human perspective and Amber's certainly the series' heart."

AMBER ATOMS' life on planet Madisomme is far from the exciting one she always dreamed of. Yet when mercenaries and aliens suddenly invade Amber's home she quickly learns her dreams may give her more than she bargained for, especially when a family secret could doom an entire galaxy. Yates' unique take on the sci-fi world has already caught the attention of many of the industry's own, including SAVAGE DRAGON creator and Image Founder Erik Larsen.

Larsen commented, "AMBER ATOMS represents an artist finally pursuing his passions after a long time spent in other people's sandboxes. I couldn't be more impressed by what Kelly's accomplishing here and look forward to reading AMBER ATOMS for years to come."

AMBER ATOMS #1, a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores February 18th.
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The colorist position for Amber Atoms has finally been filled. I want to thank everyone that took the time to send me a note and their color samples.  There were a lot of talented artists that responded, unfortunately there is only one position available. I'll have more on my choice at a later time.

I would've liked to respond to all the people who applied, but due to the large volume of submissions that will be impossible.  

Kelly Yates
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I am looking for a colorist for my creator-owned comic book, Amber Atoms. The first issue is scheduled to hit stands around February '09 and will be published by Image Comics. I have the first 3 issues written, penciled, inked and lettered and half of issue 4 penciled. I would like this project to be an ongoing, but that ultimately depends on sales.

I have a general idea of what color style I would like to see on the book, although I'm open to every possible style. I have attached a link to the art of Didier Cassegrain because I love the way he tells a story with his colors. I don't expect a painted look for my pricepoint, but I'm just trying to show the tonel color themes I enjoy. I also included a few Olivier Vatine images since I'm a big fan of his work too!

This project will pay $40 a page and each issue will contain 22 pages. Once you turn in 11 pages and invoice me you will get paid for those pages. I will be handling the covers at this point. There is no back-end deal here, because I'm ultimately the person taking the risk.

Please understand that I will not be able to respond to everyone that sends me samples. Even if I love your work I might not respond immediately, I'm a family guy with a busy schedule. I expect the colorist I work with to be professional and upfront. I will return the favor.

I have included a link to 8 pages from the first issue so you can get a feel for the project. Please do not color the Amber Atoms samples pages and send back to me. I will keep this project listing open for several weeks. Thanks for your time.

Kelly Yates

Didier Cassegrain samples:…
Amber Atoms samples:…
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