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Spider-Man 4_Electro design

Here's my design for Electro.
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i believe yellow becauuse spectacular spider man
Would he have the color yellow like original version or would he be that blue version?  
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This reminds me of Spectacular Spider-Man's rendition of Electro.
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Dude, this is great. It's a very interesting design you came up with. Would have been amazing to see it on screen.
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This! Now this is how Electro should appear in ASM2 at least. Not some guy in a leather suit with mommy issues. They should've used your concepts man.
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I had no idea Electro was a idea for the film. Perhaps this was the character Bruce Campbell would have played if it was actually made.
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WOW... I didnt know electro was one of the set villians in this movie...
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I can understand a reboot. But why can't Marvel Studios itself do it. that new spider man movie is gonna run straight into the ground I know it
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I hope it actually works so we can see more classic villains on the sequels.
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I don't know especially with the people doing the Avengers movie a far superior spider man movie can be made
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Lizard looks more like Killer croc
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And I really hate that Spider man costume he looks naked
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Is this actual concept for SM4?
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Well you ever color this?
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Probably not. Just not enough time in the year!
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