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While I may not be at Gallifrey One (or Toy Fair) this weekend, I thought I’d join the Doctor Who celebration with my new 13th Doctor design! This snazzy t-shirt is now available at the BBC Shop!
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Wish they had rolled out this proposed change differently. Haven't viewed the show in many more years but I've been given to believe the sticking point with some fans is in the actress and the show producer. Given all the new media being produced in the last several years I'm of the opinion that anything that does chance in a particular direction is being done for the wrong reason, or for the right reason at the wrong time. Still waiting on someone to review the oncoming James Bond film that was supposed to be released last year. I wouldn't be surprised if what is alluded to is factual but of all the many, many cultural facets in the English speaking world there are some that make no sense to invert as a first party creation. You can keep making and remaking Jane Austin variants till the sun overflows. You can produce more restylings of the Ring Cycle. Of all those things that keep returning an individual iteration taking a big step sideways doesn't infringe on anyone's territory necessarily. This and some others feels different though.