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I have moved to a new account here. This account will remain open for the remainder of the year so any of you who has been watching me here over the past 7 years can rejoin me in my new account.
Well it is now Official I have moved to a brand new DA Account Here is my New DA account.
I hope you all will be able to watch me in my new account so we all can be close and good friends for years to come.

Well This will be my final journal entry on this account for my new account is my DA home. In the coming days I will be emptying this account. It will remain open for the remainder of the year so you all can have a chance to meet up with me on my new account. When 2017 begins I will finally close it down.

Well time for a time of reflecting my time here on this old account. When I first Joined DA 7 years ago on February ,14 2009 , I joined it to make friends and share my art. When i first started I was making mainly clay action figures of Pokemon characters, mainly from the Pokemon Ranger games. I have made a lot of good friends here and then began drawing on DA. As I began to move my old art to temporary storage I noticed how much Iv changed over the years. I improved so much on making figures and drawings thanks to good friends like :iconaetherya:, :iconvera-san: and others. So there is a lot of good to say about my time here. I have had sad moments here ranging from having to part ways with some friends and Iv expressed some sad things that took place like the loss of my dog Porsche who passed away in 2013 and to all of those who has given me support during my down times I want to thank you all for that. All things considered It has been a good run for me on this account. It is time to turn the page to a new chapter in my time on Deviant art.

Now all i just said sounded like i was parting ways from DA but I am not. I'm only relocating to a new DA account. Their are many reasons why I did this is mainly because this site got messy over the past couple years and I have not kept it up. I hope to keep my new account clean and well organized

I got hope for the future on DA. My big hope is to do the photo novel Project I been wanting to do since i came here 7 years ago. But Besides that I want to get better making figures and drawings. I hope to also expand my fandom and art  to other things other than Pokemon and Ships. I got  into another anime called Sword Arts Online and i hope to do other projects like one called the Blue Moon Project a project offered to me by my good friend :iconkit-the-wolfy: But overall I hope to do new things which I did not do in this old account. And my big hope is you all will keep in touch with me on my new account. I have made some mistakes on this page and those mistakes i hope to avoid repeating in my new account to make my new account better than this one.

To all of you Who have watched me, and did art trades, request and just being good friends with me over the years I want to say thank you all very much. I hope you will all see me in my new account and we can keep on being good friends for years to come. Moving from this account dose not have to be Good bye.  In all considering all the good things that happened with me here and the not so good things, all things consider It has been a good 7 year run on this DA account.

Again Please watch me on my new account and we can continue to be good friends here

To all of my friends and watchers and even if you just watched me and did not view my work since than, Thank you! It means so much to me That i was able to make good friends here and i hope to continue to do so in my new DA home. Its has been a good run here.

Thank you and God Bless

This is Kellyn87 signing off.


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