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Giantess Robin by BadMrFrostyy
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Harry Potter and the Diapered Curse (Chapter 4)
HARRY HAD SLEPT better than he had for a long, long time that night, unaware that he'd ingested a wonderful helping of Hermione's breast milk, which was the perfect thing to give him a peaceful slumber.
"Good morning, little one." Hermione greeted as she entered the bedroom. Daylight was already streaming through the curtains, Harry must have overslept. It was a Saturday today, and so Hermione was wearing jeans and a casual top with her hair up in a ponytail. She was busy organising Harry's diapers into drawers and hadn't so much as glanced his way yet.
"Good morning." Harry replied, before catching the words in his throat. He could speak again!
"Harry, you can tal-" Hermione stopped. She was startled. Yes, she was startled that he could talk again. That was wonderful news, clearly McGonagall's spell had done some good. The thing that really startled her, was Harry was about three feet tall...
"Harry..." She mumbled, feeling her maternal instincts wash over her once again she rushed ov
:iconscapegoat26:scapegoat26 30 3
Tsuyu Asui by SonicTemperance Tsuyu Asui :iconsonictemperance:SonicTemperance 337 53 Momo Yaoyorozu by SonicTemperance Momo Yaoyorozu :iconsonictemperance:SonicTemperance 242 4 Feel the Burn by scamwich Feel the Burn :iconscamwich:scamwich 941 33 Epic Mount by scamwich Epic Mount :iconscamwich:scamwich 1,096 24 Tooru Hagakure by SonicTemperance Tooru Hagakure :iconsonictemperance:SonicTemperance 153 16



Disney Princess: Mulan
Once again thank you to Shawli2007 for allowing me to use her design and to all of my viewers I really recommend checking out her account, her designs are incredible!…

This link should take you to her page, let me know if there's an issue with it.
What fetish would you like to see Disney's Tiana have in a fic? Choices below, allowed up to 3 selections, feel free to suggest additional fetishes.

Suck Cock




Domination (Giver)


Vore Others (Shrunk)


Psychrophilia (Being cold and watching others who are cold)


Giantess Others


Vore Others (Normal)




Fire Play


Scat Play


Garbage (Bagging)


Golden Shower (Receiver)


Wax Play




Bondage (Receiver)




Vored (Normal) - to be eaten








Futanari (Other)


Humiliation (Giver)


Pygophilia (Arousel to buttocks)


Vored (Shrunk) - to be eaten


Drinking Cum


Sadism (Causing pain)


Garbage (Bagged)




Masochism (Experiencing pain)


Ice Play




Shrunk Self




Foot Fetish


Spanking (Giver)






Food Play


Humiliation (Receiver)




Sensory Deprivation




Lick Pussy








Shrinking Others


Anal (Giver)


Frotteurism (Touching a stranger surreptitiously in a crowded place)




Breath Play


Pteronphilia (Being tickled by feathers)


Golden Shower (Giver)


Pet Play


Age Play




Futanari (Her)


Sensation Play


Titillagnia (Tickling other people)


Blood Choking


Rough Sex


Anal (Receiver)


Rape Play (Raped)


Knismolagnia (Been tickled)


TPE (Total Power Exchange) receiver


Domination (Receiver)


CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)


Spanking (Receiver)


TPE (Total Power Exchange) Giver


Bondage (Giver)


Giantess Self


United Kingdom


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