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Billy Hargrove


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Maid or Master chapter 1 : A Loki X Reader fanfic

Chapter 1 "I am sorry, All Father, but I cannot continue working under these conditions." "I understand. You have performed your duty well. I can ask no more of you. You are free to go." "Thank you, All Father." The young maid bowed out of Odin's throne room. "Well, that is the absolute last of them. There are no other available servants in all of Asgard." Odin sighed and sunk lower into his throne. "Loki is certainly not making caring for him easy for us." "Perhaps we should look to Midgard." "Thor, you put too much faith in the Midgardians. They are only human." "Exactly why they are perfect for the job. Perhaps if we present Loki wi


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School Girls with Books

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#136 - Flareon


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The Prank's on You--Contest Entry

                                 The Prank’s on You Samantha, “Sam” Kaiba mentally told herself that she’d never take the advice of Kiruri “Kuri” Kerureru again.  Never, ever in a million years.  The aqua green haired teen knew why, but at the time, she was desperate.  However, Sam quickly learned that Kuri’s ideas for costumes often included outfits that Lady Gaga wears in a lot of her music videos.  The Kaiba heiress was polite enough to shoot her friend’s ideas down gently and as such, settled on going as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty for the big Kaiba Corp. Costume Ball that her family compan


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