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Undead Disney cosplays


Please, don't praise myself, Jenn or Amala on how well "our" costumes are made. Full credit goes to the amazing *anaisroberts , one of the founders of #UndeadCosplay . While we helped here and then with minor bits like tacking stitches, or trying desperatly to find a way to make a goddamn turban (!!!) it was all down to her, ultimatly, and we are extremely grateful for that :)

So, above are some of the members of the #UndeadCosplay group, whom we joined for the day at Midlands Expo Feb '10.

Credits for the awesome snap goes to *Blasteh , and some minor editing done by me. Check out *Blasteh 's page and journal for a link to more pics :)

Zombies are from right to left:

Jack Sparrow :iconthevampirespider:
Esmerelda :iconthepancakeblob:
Cinderella :iconsnarkshot:
Jane :iconfeathered-kunai:
Merlin :iconravenrosario:
Ariel :iconrubberducky001:
Tarzan :iconwarriormisanthrope:
Jafar :icontomoyo-hime:
Belle :iconanaisroberts:
Aladdin :icontealpirate:
Jasmine :iconkellyjane:
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SilverGinIchimaru's avatar
Excellent concept but Alice steals the show, very creepy
creepypastalover2004's avatar
Ariel ate a lot of food
AstridLover97's avatar
That's awesome you are the best cosplayers I have ever seen
DaniFenton12's avatar
That's epic. It's creepy, but epic.
Fireflowermaiden's avatar
that is TRULY frightening O_O
Undertaker170210's avatar
it's so horrible that it is awesome
ZoonPolitikon's avatar
Great pic, especially aladdin is cool & cinderella looks more like alice
bubblewarped's avatar
Alice is just plain scary oooooo i love it!! xD
Xephermaster's avatar
aladin looks sooo cool and of course every one else
SophieSmoore's avatar
Cinderella looks...urm...scary.
TheSillyNatFace's avatar
fdsxfcvghbkmnegdsxc WIN!
Ambhal's avatar
Lol at Aladdin.
Elbereth-Lalaith's avatar
cute was yesterday haha! this is amazing!
Gothicdragonart's avatar
sweet thats awesome
the-girl-named-ryan's avatar
This is the best thing ever! XD
marly-luvr24's avatar
Creepy, yet awesome at the same time! Love it!! :)
INfan8's avatar
Yall are just the most amazing gang evar!!!!!!!!!
isnt jack sparrow (at some point) already undead? lol
blackberrykitkat1021's avatar
its good but jacks blocking ariel i cant she here
AngelManTheSpriter's avatar
NOOOO JACK. :''C why? Lol the resst of can stay undead for all I care
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