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An outfit I threw together at the Whitby Gothic Weekend.
Photo taken at the Abbey by `tealpirate

I love those antlers <3
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Neat hairstyle!
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Why is this so magnificent??
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I really love the feather Mohawk =)  awesome job!


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Wow this must have taken ages for you to do?
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Hopefully I get to see you both at Metro-Con! I'm going there for my first Metro-Con experience ever! I hope to meet you both and give you both hugs! :) Because you're so awesome! :) Are your panel times in the Metro-Con pamphlets? 
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you "threw together" this outfit aka you constructed it from pure swag and jesus's dna
Apotterholmesdracula's avatar
I would have been there but i was grounded
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I love that so awesome <3
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Dude, neat-o! :D
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I think I love those antlers too :)
Are you going to WGW in November?
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No idea at the moment. Unlikely as it's a busy time for us :)
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Ah, that's a shame :(
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epic outfit wre did you bey it
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Whoa! Those antlers are so neat
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I love those antlers as well! This looks beautiful! :D
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brilliant costume. you are a wild child.
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Nice to see new costumes again, Kelly <3
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Sooooo hot!!!! You are absolutely gorgeous
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