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My latest video is here! Continuing my series of facial features, I've turned my attention to noses, and this nose belongs to a famous person. In the video I invited viewers to guess who he is, but if you're familiar with me at all, the answer is not too surprising.

At the end of the video you'll see my cat Bun doing a cute little flippy thing.

Here's a tutorial I made a couple of weeks ago--I'm painting a beautiful blue-green eye with watercolor. The video has been sped up 8 times, and I've added instructional captions. I hope you enjoy!
I'm excited about Art Food Kitty, my new channel on YouTube that will feature lots of tutorials and speed-painting demos by me (along with recipes and gratuitous footage of my husband and our cats). I was an art teacher for 17 years, and I thought this would be a great way to bring my art instruction to a big audience. I've started a series that shows you how to paint facial features, one at a time. I hope you'll subscribe!…