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This is what Sadie sees in her mind's eye: a portion of a preliminary to the Spartan Olympics, in which to women, completely nude, thei...

by ButLova

VISION f may say so, there are actually two visions in this work, first that of Raven, then that of the artist. Both of the are relevan...

This artwork deserves every gold star I have given it. I am not an art historian. However, I have studied art appreciation, symbolism i...

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This is what Sadie sees in her mind's eye: a portion of a preliminary to the Spartan Olympics, in which to women, completely nude, their habds wrapped up in a kind of tape, engaged in a "boxing match to the finish," the winner going on to the full Spartan Olympics. Just as Sadie remembers from her reading, there is no one their to see the match, only one woman, the Olympic judge, who determines the winner. She's obviously no referee; she just lets the fight take its course. And again the two are not in an arena but in an ampitheater shut off from the public. The very central portion, the decisive, climactic outcome of the fight as imagined by Sadie is masterfully depicted here: two competitors, one with reddish hair, the other dark, and the redhead has clutched mercilessly the very nave, center of a woman'life, as Sadie sees it: the vagina, the place of sexual intercourse, of giving birth--the qualities of womanly existence, that seat of pain and pleasure: the pain of giving birth, the wonder and thrill of giving birth; the place of womanly sexuality and the pleasure of multiple orgasms while a man is limited to one: the redhead has just begun the process of possibly tearing open this tender yet so vital a part of a woman's selfhood, just as Sadie imagines herself doing to Diane, not killing her but killing her sexuality as Sadie wants to do to Diane, making her opponent into virtually a "female eunoch."

Sparta was among the first of the truly Totaltarian states; its reason for being was war and military training. Its patron was blood-thirsty Ares, or Mars in Rome--the god of war, a being that egged cities and countries into battle based on any pretext, or simple conquest; Ares was less interested in who won than he was in fighting, bloodshed and carnage. He was present at Troy, and sometimes would fight for the Greeks, sometimes the Trojans. It didn't matter to him so long as he could cause and see bloodshed and slaughter. Ares was the most fitting patron for Sparta; from an early age children, girls, not only boys, were taken from their mothers and prepared for some form of military service. Spartans demanded order, control of its people, its army. Boys and girls, men and women had to be obedient to Spartan officers, but rules outside of Sparta; any traditions of war that might hamper Spartan success, were downgraded, in fact completely ignored: Sparta "hit below the belt" every time.

Since they were being trained to be tough, invincible soldiers, Spartan youth, girls and boys, were taught activities that, in Athens, for example, would be considered illegal. Starting out small, Spartans taught their boys to steal. There is one example of a boy who was caught stealing apples apples and brought to the authorities. The boy was thrashed roundly, not for theft but for being caught. The Spartans demanded perfection in all of their soldiers in service to the state. In a far more heinous example of the Spartan training of youth, again boys in this example, periodically the city-state's leaders would offer a "tournament" featuring one boy, a volunteer. This boy was taken naked into a cagelike structure where men and boys would painfully whip to death the victim--a symbol of the soldier's unyielding determination to die for the state. Though he was dead the boy was hailed as a hero, held up to the people not as an unfortunate victim but as a "shining example" of Spartan endurance and courage, a youth who willingly gave up his life in the service of the city-state.

As the picture above shows, girls and women were prepared for some military service. If they did not march out with the men into battle they were left at home with the remaining, slenderized male garrison to defend Sparta, risking life and limb fearlessly to hold off any kind of would-be invaders into a Sparta whose men had gome off to war. These might be troops of the enemy, a portion of them, who determined to sneak in through the backdoor and handily, as they thought, take the city; or they might be invaders who weren't involved in the war but took what they saw as the opportunity to sack Sparta or take it as a part of their possessions. These would have a tough time of it. From the use of military weapons to naked hand-to-hand combat Spartan women excelled. Only after every woman and garrison warrior was dead would any enemy ever gain complete control or achieve total conquest of Sparta. Thus in the Spartan Olympics "fight to the finish" among women might mean "fight to the death," preparing women and female teens for the eventuality of invasion during the absence of the mass of men. Fight to the finish there meant fight to the death, either to the enemy, or if necessary to the last Spartan woman standing.

The VISION of the work corresponds precisely to the imaginative recreation of a Spartan boxing match between two naked Spartan women. It might be that Sadie does not see exactly what is here represented, the dark-haired woman younger than the redhead; but it does show what Sadie wants to do to her rival, and the setting of Sparta, the presence of the one observer, the fight-arena empty of spectators, and the near-death hold of the redhead over the other that no amount of pleading from her can prevent from reaching its culmination, as well as the inability of the darker female to fight back, clutched as she is in this very sensitive part when self-defense is paralyzed. So it was that women were trained for the Spartan Olympics: victory at all costs--all costs to the loser. So the vision is consistent with a possible historic event that Sadie imagines, with her identification with the redhead and that woman's torture of her opponents defenseless vagina. Likewise the work represents to the exact event the writer of the story wants readers themselves to imagine. It's not important that Sadie and Diane are not represented here; what matters is the redhead's ongoing destruction of her enemy's sexual organs, just what Sadie might do to Diane. So the vision represents an historic event--maybe a probable one--coupled with the readers' picture in their own minds, almost completely accurate, of Sadie's desire, historically accurate. Hence the vision of the artist soars from the mind of a character in a story to a world-famous--rather infamous city-state's oligarchic-militaristic leaderships pitting of woman against woman in the boxing ring, victory achieved by one woman by hook or by crook.

Tied together with the artist's vision is IMPACT: as I see it everything is perfect in the picture, just as Sadie remembers it from her reading, and the action represents Sadie's "unthinkable thought," which is not merely to fight Diane and win the real estate and money but to "destroy her sexually," as happens in the picture. The action of the redhead is one that demands immediate attention. The picture consists of a close-up of the two boxers, the redhead applying this "unthinkable" hold on a foe motionless, defenseless, because of it. The picture is dramatic, but already the redhead has and continues to achieve her goal: the annihilation of the dark-haired woman's womanhood. Likewise, I've seen many pictures of women boxing and wrestling, many of them naked, and I have never seen any hold approaching the horrendous one portrayed here. Naturally, such a hold in a picture "packs a punch" on the audience thereof, both men and women.

And so the artist's vision and impact ties in directly with the ORIGINALITY of the work. I too know a bit of the history of Ancient Greece, not only of Athens but of Sparta too, but before I read this story and Sadie's own reflections of Spartan sports I never new that only women participated in their Olympics; I didn't even know boxing was practiced in those days; I had expected exclusively wrestling. I've seen pictures of historical re-enactments before, but the Ancient boxing match here depicted is the first of its kind I've seen. It also derives originality, to my way of thinking, of the redhead's bold, ruthless clutch of the dark-haired woman's secret part; it is in fact something I did not know even happened. But how can I be surprised, since it was a militaristic city thriving under a ruthless tyranny under the patronage of the fabled Ares, the war-god--a god the other Olympians hated so much that they stuffed him in a bottle where he dwelt like a genie for a thousand years--they say he was rescued by Heracles (Hercules); Ares started, incited war among men for no reason, himself jumping into one side or the other, shedding blood only for the pleasure of killing; it is in thought not surprising that such a nefarious maneuver would be taken by one female boxer against another in Ancient, Fascist / Nazi-like Sparta, all of the citizens trained from early childhood to fight, fight, fight, kill, kill, kill, to conquer, conquer conquer. This picture is a perfect representation of the State of Sparta: if not at a time of war, then at a time of preparation FOR war and defense.

I haven't mentioned it explicitly but I have mention--hinted--at how the technique excels; the positions of the women perfect, both of them athletic in appearance. I don't know exactly if poses and background are part of TECHNIQUE--I'm neither an artist, photographer or art historian (technique is the weakest point of any "knowledge" I have of art), but I think they play a role in it, and, well, the recreation of a true to life possible historical event, the reflection of an angry woman's imagination and of the viewers' own cognative-imaginative vision of both is flawless. I rate this work truly excellent.
VISION f may say so, there are actually two visions in this work, first that of Raven, then that of the artist. Both of the are relevant not only to what the audience of this work sees, an aspect of vision, but also the work's general IMPACT on them, so that, if I may, I will combine these two.

Before I proceed to the heart of the critique, I would like to share my own holistic, over all reaction to the work: I rate it excellent; if I were a "genuine" teacher of art history or appreciation I would rate the picture "A." but as an observer of various works of art--beauty, symbolism, etc., and as a one-time student of art appreciation, speaking for myself and I'm sure many others, I rate the work as positively delightful; the picture is based on an episode of "Teen Titans Go!," a Halloween "special" during which Raven reads Poe's famous poem "The Raven, but in large writing on top of the poem in the book she has written "Be yourself." In the actual cartoon Raven is the smallest of the Titans, maybe the youngest, I believe approximately 15 years old. When she reveals her face and head, as for example to Beast Boy when he sings his well-written "love song" to her, she has a pretty face with short, raven-purple hair, and nicely shaped, in THIS case even "dreamy" violet-blue eyes. Her complexion is an odd though not un-hecoming grayish-fair. I don't believe it is "pasty," unhealthy. When she is without her cloak, when it is taken while she is in the shower, she emerges in her usual black costume, short--though of course not too short, considering this event occurs in a generally "G-rated" cartoon-- but short enough to display a figure comparable to Starfire's, in fact I believe more so" a slender waist with developing bosom and again larger hips and thighs than her waist showing her on the way to a fine womanly figure; though Raven IS a 15-year-old girl, and I concur with artists at DA who depict her with a considerably more mature figure consistent,even beyond that age: larger bosom, larger hips, thighs and rear, plus legs that just won't quit. Indeed, in the very episode before mentioned, Raven's legs are her best feature, totally well-shaped and powerful. But hidden in her cloak and hood as she is in by far the most episodes, Raven is almost a waif; she is basically above ground and her feet and legs are invisible. Likewise she is silent and morose most of the time, so that she may not only be "a daemon ready to strike," silent in the meantime, but actually shy. When she speaks she may not show this, but aren't her vocal statements rather short though to the point? And, doesn't she in fact rarely speak at all? To me this reveals a certain shyness: all of which leads to the VISION-IMPACT of the work.

The work is of course humorous since it shows a basically slender, shapely young lady as ENORMOUSLY fat, funny to the audience and I think (hope) intentionally so by the artist. However, I don't believe any kind of humor is the primary impact designed to reach the audience: yes, her clothes are very tight, making her look perhaps precisely as fat as she is, and since we see Raven from the back we see a certain part of a fat rear, and her once athletic legs are now very, very plump, all of which indicates a love of food and a good deal of lazines, because in a good number of episodes of "Teen Titans Go" the gang is rather sleepily sitting on the couch, probably watching TV. In two episodes Speed (is that his name) takes over the Titans from Robin largely because Speed does ALL of their work for them, and when he again steals the Titans from Robin Speed provides a hot tub or lawn chair where four of the Titans relax while "the Red-Haired Robin" does--again--all their work for them. When Robin breaks Speed's "other leg," and calls for his stolen team to help him, the three Titans, Raven, Cyborg and Starfire decline his begging-call for assistance, not lifting a finger to help their injured "leader," comfortably enjoying colas, lemonade and other goodies Speed has provided them, indifferently lying on their lawn chairs. Maybe this is the result of, to them, the exessive work Robin has made them do; significantly it's Raven who says "We hate work; but in another episode the Titans are not called for a long, long time, and when a crime alert appears on their screen they don't even know what to do, basically enjoying themselves with dancing. Finally I need to point out that the apparent center of "Teen Tins Go!," the symbol of their basic laziness, is the couch. In the episode in which the Titans face "elimination," the 299th episode, all of them agree that COMEDY, not action is the center of their existence, that in fact somewhat humorous--especially to kids--"noises in the lower regions" are THE basis of their comedy, and are so fanatic about this that they create a "200th episode" where dialogue is virtually inaudible since these "noises" are loud and, well, ruin everything: still Robin calls it "great!" Considering all this, isn't it NOT surprising that little Raven, at least, would, well, "put on weight"? She spends much of her time in her room reading obscure, magic-oriented books, and I think the Titans simply don't have to EARN money because the Team is underwritten by wealthy Batman-Bruce Wayne, continuing to support his ward "his chum, his 'Boy Wonder,'" on one occasion sending Robin and the Titans $100,000. for "a new crime lab," as Robin lies, actually using the money as a down payment for "rental property." I'm NOT saying that people who don't or can't work and are financed by the government, family members--or their own wealth--are necessarily fat, but isn't it just possible that, in the case of Raven anyway as illustrated so well above, that it MIGHT encourage a basic laziness, maybe the affordability of good, fine--FATTENING foods? BUT as I have already mentioned, Raven's fatness is not, or should not be, the only focus, SCOPE or VISION of the artist, nor yet the only IMPACT the observer may have.

It occurs to me that, since Raven is performing a reading before a large audience--US, maybe her shyness, as well perhaps as her self-consciousness with respect to her weight and size in the above work--her basic shyness might threaten the entire enterpeise. So it is that she has written in large letters "Be yourself" at the top of the poem, to encourage her to read the poem as it was meant to be read: dramatically, mysteriously, frighteningly, hopelessly, desperately--in her own inimitable half-daemon voice, so fitting for the poem, as well as the appropriate gestures she must make to add to the drama of the reading: if she IS herself: fat, yes, but not without a degree of sexiness in very tighgt-fitting clothes and a bottom largely uncovered (though maybe not visible from the front very clear to us in the back; and a short, ill-fitting cloak--maybe she will be more confident as she reads, and of course her daemonic nature won't fail to help. MY opinion of the artists huge scope is that people SHOULD be themselves; they should not try to hide their true natures when they meet people, go to work, make friends. No matter what they may look like, "fat" as they may be, if people are themselves, if they're honest with others, if they do not project a "manufactored," false image to others, they may find their honesty will be more successful than any fake one, any mask--or perhaps a podium set before a mistakenly self-conscious or embarrassed Raven, behind which she can sit, hiding her body basically, showing only her face and shoulders; or even speaking into a microphone that enables her to project her daemonic voice but people don't SEE her. Instead they see a spooky raven, a desperate "Poe" (actually speaker)--then a grave! Scary as that is it does not match the drama of a live reading. IF Raven is confident, bold--which she can be indeed--honest and fearless of her appearance and people's reaction to it: if she is indeed herself her reading-performance WILL be successful, and as I've said there is STILL an amount of sexiness inside and outside so that ,at least at times, her weight can be overlooked. I hope I have accurately reflected at least a logical description of the artist's vision, which as I see it can be useful to most people--universal, maybe, in a large extent. The IMPACT for observers of the work is a direct reaction of people not only to the appearance of the subject but also to the message the artist has for the observer: I think it is very effective. The artist, and perhaps Raven herself, will encourage people to be themselves, and as I see it, this does work; you don't have to be half-daemon to have a successful reading. Moreover, and this is something I have not mentioned before, the work reminds people that fatness is a part of the human condition. It can be acquired by almost anyone, even the hardest-working of people, not only to the lazy, the indifferent. Raven can be these things, explaining her fatness here; but people may be reminded that, while some find fatness--well, especially obesity

funny, what if it happens to them, to friends, to family: is it in fact "funny" then?

As for ORIGINALITY, I will say I have seen a number of pictures of a fat Raven. I will add I have not seen any of a SUPERIOR quality as this. I realize this observation may not be entirely fait, or that it is incomplete. However, I can only work with those I've seen, but the appearance of Raven here is that of a girl who, though obese, has not lost her vision of sexuality, considering the uncovering of most of her bottom as well as the tight, tight costume in the style to which she is accustomed, is accompanied, at least in my opinion, by a certain allure, a rather erotic attraction, at least to me, and I hope to others. I have discussed some of these matters earlier. . . . . Again, as far as the theme, vision, scope of other "Fat Raven" pictures is concerned, it's not possible for me to address this question except in a very limited sense. Among the pictures of the obese super-heroine, it's my opinion that, those only that I've viewed a little closer than others--I believe their chief interest is mainly in comedy. By no means do I condemn this. After all, "Teen Titans Go!" is a cartoon, and unlike the original "Teen Titans" is itself a comedy. It's not inappropriate to create a super-plump Raven--or a super-plump Starfire, since in a way these two might tempt caricature: they have been shown lazy , desirous to call 911 when there's an emergency, have preferred Speed to do their work for them while they bask in the sun or soak in his hot tub, providing them colas and other drinks, but more important pizza after pizza--none of which they have to pay for. So, it's rather logical for Raven, or Starfire, to be caricaturized as fat; maybe Raven in particular since she rather much smaller and shorter than Star and the other Titans. Comedy is not absent from the work I have critiqued today, not by any means, but again I think I have mentioned that toward the beginning of this critique. Having not LOOKED for a deeper theme than humor in the others I've viewed, I will say that here the scope touches not only laughter but a universal concept of honesty, and doing ones best in one's task, "putting your best foot forward" as Raven suggests in that concise, surprisingly packed note to herself, viewed so much by people as a cliche and yet full of implications they haven't even thought of. I can't say the scope, range or vision matches or doesn't match this; I'm trying to be fair and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It only appears to me that this artwork does not only depict "a human blimp."

Finally, regarding TECHNIQUE: inasmuch as I don't know much of the actual act of painting, I can't say exactly --well, practically nothing--much about it. The work is very noticable, and though she is fat Raven IS recognizably Raven. But I can't say with certainty or even honesty how the artist's technique has contributed to the theme of the work. But I will say on a final note that THIS is my favorite picture of Fat Raven--I've not seen them all closely but believe I have seen enough of them to state my own observation.
This artwork deserves every gold star I have given it. I am not an art historian. However, I have studied art appreciation, symbolism in art, and over-all global significance--or at least its significance in the Mid-Eastern-Western European world. I will cover all of the qualities I have rated with gold stars--all of them; but allow me to apologize if I don't cover everything adequately. I'm not too bad at discerning symbolism and mythology in pictures, such as this, as well as other features of the work I have not mentioned.

In a time before time, the daemons here pictured, ugly and dragon-winged as they are now, used to be good, faithful, upright angels of Light who stood in the Presence of God, ready and willing to do His will. But there arose a beautiful angel, the brightest, most beautiful of all, beloved of God and the Angelic Host. But jealousy rose in his heart of Lucifer, his name then, against the Power and Glory of God, and he was a very effective, persuasive speaker, a demogogue, and with lies disguised as flowery "truths," promises of aggrandizement of his followers, his own elevation to godhead and the accompanying greater glory and power of his followers, God Himself expelled from His Kingdom:Lucifer enlisted under his command the willing following of one / 3rd of the Heavenly Host. But who could dare to challenge Almighty God to arms? The Archangel Michael, commander of the Army of God chased these wicked angels to the very edge of Heaven, then forced them easily over the edge, the one called once called Lucifer, but losing that name of glory, now called Satan, the Enemy or the Adversary, and the former angels who were his followers fell from the great Height of Glory, the Author of Evil who dared to lie to his followers, saying all angels had no beginning and no end, that "We know no time when we were not as now: / Self-created. . . . " (Milton)--thence the very origin of evil, Lucifer / Satan claiming a Power that only belonged to God; a force only belonging to the angels. Eight days the evil angels fell, then laded HARD on th hot soil of their prison Hell: THIS story explains the basically unattractive appearance of these former angels now daemons, part of the magnificent vision, scope of this work of art. Daemons are ugly because they are evil, frustrated, jealous, hateful, vengeful: how can these but cause the settlement of foul, frightful looks of daemons, a bitterness stemming from their easy defeat by the Heavenly Host and eternal expulsion from Heaven? The daemons were not cursed with ugliness by God. This arose from their own hearts: they imposed ugliness on themselves. And the dragon wings? Are these not rhe transformation of their bright angel wings, reflecting the true shape of their Master Saran, who in reptilian shape tempted successfully Adam and Eve to disobedience of God's sole command, promising Eve she would be a goddess, then giving Adam the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, indicating he loved Eve more than God, a damnable reprehension (Milton). So adam and Eve would in time grow old and die, though not for the better part of a thousand years: but Satan and his angels assume serpentine, the Devil or Satan that of a dragon, a reflection of their own spite against man and the Devil's snakish deceit of man so that they all assume reptilian shape, at least periodically, the Devil as their Emperor becoming a great Dragon.s I see it, this is the background of some of the most important attributes of Hell and Daemons, except that, maybe, people aren't exactly burned alive but the temperature of Hell is such that people who are punished there, all of them justly, can barely stand the heat. I think that humans retain the very beautiful physical natures of their souls, unlike the devils. But as is shown in this picture this only enhances the devils' jealousy of human beings, so that, as in this picture, their punished and tormented all the more. It's as if humanity does not know its place in Hell, or at least was not meant for them to inhabit--but wicked ones, like the girl being thrashed, are there nonetheless.

The one whipping the evil, approximately 19-22-year -old girl, Is not ugly in the face and is well-built, strong--though red: the color of rage, of jealousy, might be the Prince of Daemons, Satan's second-in-command "Beelzebub,"; his throne of course is symbolic of his high status, in addition the presentation of this evil, naked girl, possibly forever condemned to punishment and torture; she is presented to the prince by a female daemon and he whips her naked bottom with his strong, hard, tireless arm --for how long? Well until the daemon is ready for unconsensual intercourse with the girl, with all the apparatus that increases her humiliation but increases his pleasure--before the "Hellish host"--and damned human beings. This girl's damnation is probably eternal, and her punishments will range from seemingly endless spankings, rapes, possibly tortures such as caging over an open fire, her evil ass burning all the more. I see my own imagination ignited by the vision the artist has presented of Hell and the beginning of this BAD girl's naked, eternal punishment, so that I have been moved to use learning from mainly two poems, Milton's "Paradise Lost" and Dante's "Inferno" I I don't mention it, but Dante can't be absent from this scene). I think I have covere a good deal of the symbolism of the work pertaining to the scope or VISION: except the extremely painful, degrading, humiliating spanking the girl receives from this lieutenant of the Prince of Darkness. THIS is a symbol, for myself personally, of the way Hell, if it were to exist, really is. A good, sound spanking of a young woman and the samned in general, since the--as I see them--eternally young and beautiful humans in Hell are either of age or only just a bit older deserve. My question is, why is this girl sent to the eternal, oven-like heat and painful punishments? I can only guess. She's young. I'd say that her physical age matches that of her spirit, as did her physical beauty. I THINK she's either a working girl or a student, and taking into consideration her beauty she has a lot of friends--and boyfriends. SOOOOO, what if she married a man only for his money, and cheats on him with an endless line of boyfriends. I think she likes to party, to have a good time; she has a white Mercedes convertible and drives sometimes in a stupor of drunkeness. What if once she was drunk on one occasion, drove her luxury car, and caused a very serious accident, almost killing an occupant of the other car? This girl doesn't care about that. She only wants to escape prison, and her husband sees that she only receives community service. ANYWAY the girl doesn't learn her lesson, continuing to drive drunk until, one fine evening, she is herself killed by her own fault, her drunkeness, even imperception of realty. Well, she winds up in Hell naked over the knee of Beelzebub himself. So, yes, Hell here is eternal, and this girl will receive many hard, shameful punishments, INCLUDING spankings--very often and she never gets used to her since her butt heals in no time, immortal as she is: so that each spanking "Feels like the first" one.

It seems to me that the originality of this work lies IN the thrashing of this young girl; I have not seen it before and I have seen a numbering of artists' renderings of Hell. Many of them depict the End of the World, when the damned are marched unwillingly or carried forcefully to Hel; the closest thing I've seen to a "spanking" is the likeness of a naked boy, about 18, caeeied over the shoulder--naked, of course--of a daemon while boy screams, cries, kicks his feet, flails his arms, etc., his bare butt pretty prominent. I don't know. He MAY be spanked, but it's not shown. But I envision Hell like this picture. It's originality has been established, with allusions to mythology, poetry, folklore, psychology, and more, either used deliberately or intuitively by the artist. The scope or vision of the work, of the artist, is truly, to say the least, splendid, A+.VISION, ORIGINALITY

The IMPACT this picture has had on me, and I'm sure of so many other viewers, is indeed great. Well, I admit that I am a 'spanksholic," abd enjoy pictures of spankings. BUT THIS picture, depicting as it does a hard, naked tanning of a very bad, spoiled, indifferent (except for her own freedon from jail), thieving (stealing her husband's credit cards, maybe), and more--well isn't this the vey most punitive, the hardest, the most humiliating spanking she has ever gotten, and it's just the beginnig of the punishment of this careless, thieving, indifferently partying, drunk driving, adultery? I'll bet she's NEVER been spanked by anyone at any time--spoiled rich girl! DESERVED spankings are the best, and this literally damned girl, justly in Hell, probably for good--is spanked in HELL! And THAT'S got quite an impact on me! IMPACT

I'm sorry, but not being an artist I can't say much about technique. I can say a little about the artists approach I haven't mentioned before. The girl is beautiful and the scene is somehow as realistic as it can get. It is full of symbolism, allusions to poetry, other art, mythology, etc.--the picture, though of Hell, is beautiful and full of mitifs totally original, such as the spanking--and the absence of traditional Hell-fire,--these are original, and the "naughty," pretty girl's spanking cannot help but be to me most exciting! TECHNIQUE


Charles Wilbourn
United States
Teaching asst. of English coomp
HS teacher of English comp. and lit
HS teacher of world and Am. Hist.


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rarefreak Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018
thanks for that watch, however i deserve that :D
KellyCrane Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2018
Hey--welcome! If you need me, just message me, eh?
bestthe Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Watch and Fave!
Chibi-Evee Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Navi - Hey! Listen! 
Oh you do it already Thank You..Onion 

Well then: Commission for Nice-Spice PLZ 
Llama Emoji-81 (Heart You) [V4]  from Chibi-Evee

Do you know I'm working together with Rosvo and together we're Shiny Hypnotic.

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I'm open for Comissions. (see at the end)We have Discord now! Take a visit and speak with me and Rosvo! :D DISCORD LINKI have Patreon Yay Patreon Logo Icon Button Yay  PATREON LINK 
I know it's unbelievable. I started 2 years ago and I'm very proud that I've got such a great community :D It wouldn't make so much fun without you all! Mabel pines 
The links to Discord and Patreon find you above. From now on it's only about Comissions and Art Trades Mabel Caramelldansen 
Take a look at the list of sexy outfits Oh my~&

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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to my newest project!
In my gallery you can find the first try of Drone 00 and Drone 01. These tests were for this stunning project!
Now you can build your own drone!  
Build your own drone today!
The price for a drone starts at $40. For that you get:
shout out picture - the drone hold a shield with your name and the name of the drone5 pictures of your drone - different scence from the personality of your droneA drone-time video with a length of at least 2 min. - the drone will behave like her programming says
And YOU can choose what the drone wears and what programming!
At some points there are possible customizing options - like wigs or programming.
But note that the extras have a little

Enough from greedy artists? There are some free projects, pictures or videos on Instagram New Icon Instagram. 
Also on Tumblr Emote Tumblr  you can find additional content for free :D (Big Grin) Especially some video clips! 
Check it out!
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