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Thank everyone who visit my page during my absence, very appreciate all the comments you left and message.  :heart:
I never expect they were still attracting views even after I stop updating.
It seems will take quite some time to go through all of them, but I will read every of them for sure.
I intend to keep up the updates this year, may not be as frequent as I was, may not be all about Avartar series. 
I just realized how much I like drawing and how deep Im spiritually attached to it.
Even it is imperfect and immature,there is something I can only express from my own work.
Thank you for liked my work more than I did. 
Love you.
So go and see it!!!!

I had a wonderful (Australian) premiere midnight in IMAX!!

Usually I don't do advertising here but this movie deserve it !!

and DO NOT leave before the credits!
Long time since the last update... (Always wondering what I'm busy doing...

If you living in Los Angeles and Don't know what to do this weekend?
How about an Legend of Korra fanart exhibition?

There will be lots amazing arts and brilliant artists~
Even Bryan promoted it on this Tumblr.…
So great to be invited, though I didn't have time to make new piece just for the show, I redrew or edited all of the art pieces and  presenting them in a very special way.  hope you like it!~ Also some postcards will be available. ( too bad I can't go personally, not even on the same continent.
Anyways, don't miss out if you have time this weekend!!!!!

I'm the Art Show, Deal with It!
Mark your calendars! PixelDrip Gallery is paying tribute to The Legend of Korra with an art show later this month on March 23rd-24th ! Kick off spring break with a gallery featuring work from more than a hundred artists from around the world! Monk Space is located at 4414 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90004. Saturday hours are 10am to 6pm and Sunday hours are 10am to 5pm.

Merry Christmas!    圣诞快乐!   聖誕快樂!   メリークリスマス!    메리 크리스마스!  

Glædelig Jul!     Vrolijk Kerstfeest!     Hyvää Joulua!    Joyeux Noël!  

Frohe Weihnachten!    Nollaig Shona      Buon Natale!     Wesołych świąt bożego Narodzenia!  

с Рождеством Христовым!    Feliz Navidad!    Feliz Natal!      God Jul      Noeliniz kutlu olsun!

Boldog Karácsonyt!    Craciun Fericit!  Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom!

... ...

with much appreciation for supporting me and being so kind to me!!~

May you feel the peace and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ during this Christmas season.

:iconreindeerplz: :iconreindeerplz: :iconreindeerplz: :iconreindeerplz: :iconreindeerplz: :iconreindeerplz: :iconreindeerplz:
You should check out this…
and I'm gonna to find a corner and screaming for a while !!!!!!!!!!!!
yes!~ find my new motivation back now !!!!!!~  :squee::squee::squee:
(*be aware of comic leaks)

and Grey voiceovered it!!!
Thank you for sharing your precious words and life with me~
when I decided to make this activity, I was never expected to received so much reply and to gain this large range of feelings. It was a very special experience for me.
The activity is now finished~ but your memory for this year, this moment, will be kept here, wish you all the best for the next year and welcome to look back :)

Happy 12/12/12!~ Here is an early Christmas event. :heart:
Write me anything, and you may win a month Premium Membership ;)

  long or short
  opinion or advise
  positive or negative criticism
  for the past year or for the coming year
  about my works or about me
  your feeling or question or plan or dream
  happiness, appreciation, sadness, worry...
  or share the most memorable moment in 2012
  via comment or via note

  the one who "hit" me most, will win a month membership.
  Llama will be send out randomly.
  I may not be able to reply every single comment, but I'll read every message/story carefully and try take some into pratice next year :)

  *this event will end on 16/DEC/2012 10:59 PM PST
Commission CLOSED!!
Thank you very much for participating, and sorry for can't accept every request...

This semester is gonna finish in one week!! I can't wait to draw stuff now ><!
I saw dA is pomoting Premium Membership now, but I'm out of points ( cus I give away too much 囧
So point commission here it is. (This is perhaps the last time I open point commission. )
at a special price and only up to 2 positions available!~

special price is still going on, so be quick!~:XD:
(I kown my English sucks, but please read through before sending me notes)

what I do in this round
:bulletred: Single character illustration, no added character
:bulletred: portrait or bust, no full body
:bulletred: no backgroud or foreground

:bulletred:Style Available
style1: sketch with single color shad.
         Was 800:points: Now 599:points:
Grownup Zutara -season by kelly1412 Commission_Meghan by kelly1412

style2: (digital/handdraw)sketch with simple color.
         was 1300:points: now 999:points:
Doodle Asami by kelly1412 Azula as Tea shop Waitress by kelly1412

style3: clear sketch with cell color or digital ink/water color  
         was 2000:points: now 1499:points:
Iroh x Asami by kelly1412 Jinora by kelly1412

:bulletred:I do:
anime/manga/TV show/OCs  

:bulletred: I don't do
R18, old people, monster, animal and anything that don't appeal me or I don't comfortable with.

--Don't make payment until I confirm you that "your commission is accepted"
--Full payment need to be made forehead
--none-refundable once the payment was transferred.

:bulletred:important info
--If you want to make a commission please directly send me a note with title "point commission", don't leave your request in comments.
--good quality image reference are required.
--please simply & clearly tell me what your want me to draw, it's Ok to point colors or expression or pose;
--please don't ask me to read a whole "universe" or "history".
--not including new designs or extra stuffs such as big weapons, elements or complicated patterns.
-- sorry but, not every request will be taken since I only can do up to 2 pieces this time.
-- please allow one month to finish.  the work will be hand over around Christmas time.
--resolution is about 1000px x 1500px
--not for commercial purposes.

Lastly, dose ATLA or LOK related commission gets priority?

Please feel free to send me notes now,
and please notice that I have different timezone with most of you, I'm at UTC/GMT +11 hours…
So if I don't reply, that's probably because I'm sleeping

:bulletred::bulletred:commission Note recommend format:bulletred::bulletred:
title: point commssion
note content:
I want you to draw ....
here is her/his reference picture [give link]
I choose style1/2/3 (left/right)
I'll describe he/she as: ( 3-5 key words)
*please add if you have special require, like the colors/expression/pose

Kiriban Done!!

Fri Oct 19, 2012, 9:37 AM

When I open my homepage this morning, the first thought was like "dose my pageview counter broken or something?"
Cus the traffic in last 24 hour was extremely high.
Although I miss my big moment, I'm so happy that many of you came for that!

Thank you so much :iconinconcabille: for captured my 100,000 kiriban!!! and Congratulation for winning the free commission!!

To the following 10 members who participated and sent me screen shot. 30 :points: with my appreciation.

Also the biggest thank you for every one who have ever contributed to my page view number!!

I've never ever expect I can reach this incredible page view number and without your support it would never come!!
It had been an massive year for me, either on internet or real life, so many things has changed, good, bad.
But it's good to see myself still keeping moving forward, having something that I can put my heart in and share with many.

I'll mark this as a new starting point to a new journey.
Cus I still have a looot of thing to draw and a lot of story to tell, and lots dream to realize :)

love you all from my :heart:
please keep supporting me in the future, cus it's my most precious motivation.


Totoro Journal Skin by starrily

Feature my Favorite Avatar cosplayers in dA

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 7:53 AM
Just back from Armadeggon, I saw so many amazing cosplays that made me excited.
I love cosplay for quite some time, I think cosplay is also a kind of fanart in a more realistic from.
I always feel that cosplay deserve more attention and favorite in dA,
So here I'd like to feature some of my personal favorite Avatar cosplayers with their best cos photos.
I know there are lots of amazing Avatar cosplay out there, but I can't collect them all.
The cosplayers I featured here should have their own dA account and have at least 3 pieces photoshots of the chatarcter in their gallery. I  love their works not only because they represent the appearance well, but also I saw the spirit of the characters.
More than welcome to check their homepage by click their icon/Avatar.
So here we go!!~

:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred:
Avatar: the Last Airbender

Toph -------------------------------------
:icontophwei: Toph Bei Fong by TophWei    :iconsaerithi::thumb320986282:   :iconmakeshiftwings30: The Runaway by makeshiftwings30   :iconstrawdoll: AVATAR . sulky by strawdoll

Zuko -------------------------------------
:iconkamiko-zero: Zuko by Kamiko-Zero     :iconshadowbuuproductions: Zuko armour by ShadowBuuProductions

Katara -----------------------------------
:icontrisha-tyan: Avatar:TLA - Katara by Trisha-tyan     :iconantiquity-dreams: Water Bending by Antiquity-Dreams  

:icondangerousladies:Jenn Azula Costume Sheet by dangerousladies     :iconmelvinopolis: Katsucon 2012: Phoenix Princess by melvinopolis     :iconalevblack: Azula - Fire nation tribute by AlevBlack

Tylee -----------------------------------
:iconne-iro: TyLee - Avatar by Ne-iro     :iconfrauleinninja:     :iconmangosirene::thumb308763341:

Mai -------------------------------------
:iconmisamon: Ready to Fight by Misamon    :iconashelikescake: Mai: Discord in the garden by ashelikescake    :icondei-ko::thumb186249850:   :iconcytanin: Mai Cosplay Avatar by Cytanin

Yue -------------------------------------
:iconqcamera: Princess Yue by qcamera

Jet ---------------------------------------
:iconharo00: Jet by Haro00

June -------------------------------------
:iconisadorada: Easy by Isadorada

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Legend of Korra

Korra -----------------------------------
:iconkorraminotu: :thumb310612984:    :iconisamiaella::thumb325464201:

Asami -----------------------------------
:iconelectric-lady: Miss Sato by electric-lady

Lin ----------------------------------------
:icongreen-makakas: LoK: Hommage to Lin Beifong SPOILER by Green-Makakas

Bolin --------------------------------------
:iconagam720: Bolin Cosplay - Earth Bending by Agam720

Jinora -------------------------------------
:iconhiyoko-chan: The Element of Freedom by hiyoko-chan

:iconaicosu: Sylar Avatar Cosplay - Gimme Your Best Shot by Aicosu

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletred:

Next time I'd like to feature some well done Avatar cosplay photograph, so if you have any suggestion/recommend, feel free to send me via notes. :)

Thank God, I'm about to get my 100,000 pageview it's coming!! (95,300+ now):iconhappycryingplz::iconhappycryingplz::iconhappycryingplz:
I had about 5000 pageview in past 3 days made me  almost felt my pageview counter was broken!!
I estimate the moment will hit in the following week. \(>v<)/  Exited!!!~

So I'm happy to offer
   * an full color single character free commission to the first person who captured my 100,000 pageviews;
   * and 50 :points: to the second one.
   * 30 :points: to trade any congratulate gift/draw/cosplay/ect ... 10 spots 300:points: in total!
   All of them will be featured afterwards!

Requirement for the screen shot:
It Should be a full screen shot, beside the kiriban number, it also need including your deviant ID on the top function bar (so you need login first), and the time on the right corner (window). please also tell me your timezone (or country and city). So I can know who did it and when did it happened.
format: .JPEG   .BMP or .PNG

Please send it to me via note(url) or email (you can find my email in my deviantID)
the first person who send me the screenshot that meets the requirement will win the commission, and the second person will be rewarded the points.
no cheating please. I knows photoshop very well. :evillaugh:
Good Luck ;)

if you don't how to print screen, here is a tutorial : (Windows)… (MAC)…
very simple, no special software required.
Don't save the webpage, make a screen shot!


Plan to open Commission ater that!! ;)
Go follow her on tumblr!!!
Can't believe that Tai Chi master Guan Yue, who is the 6th generation legacy of North Wu Style TaiChi, maybe one of few Tai Chi masters living in Australia, agreed to teach me real traditional Tai Chi Quan!!\(>v<)/
Tai Chi Quan is the original martial art style of water bending, I feel like I'm following a waterbender master now LOL
this is the "37 postures Tai Chi" I'm gonna to learn soon, Check out the demo >>>… (From 00:14)<<<, I adore Master Guan's physical movement and spiritual state, so soft and slow but firm and continunes.
water style ~ sexy yeah~~
I just realize I've past 5000 watchers already!!! :heart::heart::heart: God, I missed such a big moment @@、
I'm not sure weather my works diserve such massive love, but I'll surely keep going!
THANK YOU EVERYONE! I don't know what else to say!!

I also very touched and so honoured by some journal that featured me with some other amazing artist.
Just want to give special thanks to everyone who featured me, is featuring me, and about to feature me :XD:
hope I traced most journal here, but still couple more I can't find. if I forget yours, please note me.


I was on my low point recently, and yesterday's leak comic page of Azula just made me even worse.
But today, I received so much love and confort that made me feel much better. :heart::heart::heart:
Sorry for not being active recently, and haven't much things for a while.
but I'll back soon, please wait for me.

please DON'T show/note/tell me about the new leaked comic page from Promise Part 3 (?) Featuring Azula.
I already sea it and it's just too hurt to look at again!
(…) spoiler warning
I don't know what they gonna to tell, but no matter how the story ends, that page itself is just too heartbreak to look.
STOP doing that Gene Luen Yang , you are ruining her!!!! (It's a comic, image makes huge different man!!!)
I'm hurt!! I'm seriously HURT!!! Someone, Anyone, I need a comfort!!! :cries:
sorry I lost my temper and my words now...
(And apologies ahead if my reply is rude and with anger or bias or emotion... forgive me this time)

If you're by my side geneluenyang on twitter!!

Let the devil sleep (Azula) by kelly1412
Please let her sleep rather than being ruined.

I love all your discussion here! Lots interesting ideas, I hope I could favo them!!
I thought I've read too much review about her, but every time I upload a new work/journal about her, I never fail to be amazed by some powerful and unique thoughts.
I thought words can't help my current emotional wound, but it starts to work and I feel much calm now.
Azula fans are the best!!! love you guys!! and Be united!!
If only I can be a joint.

PS: Grey DeLisle back to twitter now!~
Thank you all for always participating in my polls/surveys, and sorry that I can't reply to every comment personally, but they are indeed helpful and interesting, each comment has brought me new ideas and inspiration, so here, I have some strategies to share with you, content based on the results of my latest poll.…

It is true that your artwork is the key to all the attention you receive. However, there are still some strategies that could help you get more attention, in terms of comments, self-achievement, favorites and watchers. In this journey I'll share with you some strategies that I've discovered through my own personal analysis and observation.
(they've all been tested, but no guarantee if it will work for everyone.)
And it will not directly make your art better, only you have that ability within yourself!


For people who are waiting for COMMENTS

--Want others say something to you? Then say something to them first.
Which means you need to open your heart and humble your attitude first, and show people you're willing to communicate constructively. There is no shortage of talented artists on dA who earn thousands of favorites for each piece, but not many comments because they never seriously fill up their description column. So comments number is definitely and directly linked to your attitude.

--There are basic two types of comments: one is about your artwork, and the other one is about your thoughts/ideas.
So make sure you write a clear description involving both aspects (like why you decided to make a particular piece and how you made it, problems you ran into along the way, new things that you learned in the process...), that way you expand the chance of receiving more comments. Some basic info about the artwork, (like drawing/making software, tools used, time cost, inspiration, reference source, etc.) never hurts either.

--Also, and please believe me on this one, leaving comments after favoriting someone else's work will more often than not reward you on your comments number as well.
It not only helps establish you as an active member of the community, but in the process of leaving and reading comments, you'll also notice/pick up on more tips that could help your own artwork improvement.

--Moreover, You might've noticed that dA added a new function this year, it shows thumbnail as well as its comment numbers. I believe some of you tend to check out those works with more comments, however, comments number not only counts the comments a piece has received, it counts the replies as well. I'm not encouraging you to falsify numbers on a piece and pretend it is popular, just simply replying to all comments with a smile icon won't do you much good in the end. Cheating replies puts people off, makes them feel unimportant. What I mean is, if you open your heart and communicate what you truly feel and interact with your audience, it will pay off for you much easier than in past. And if a group of friends always give each other first comments, you'll grow closer together and evolve as a whole.

--last but not less, tips for Fanart.
It is undeniable that fanart draws more attention among all categories in dA. But please be aware at all times that the original show is the true hero, and always keep in mind what is your own art value as a fanartist.
However, do consider putting some narrative into your fanart work, rather than just making a plain portrait (unless you're like me, and just like the stuff you draw). The advantage of fanart is there's already a world and narrative background established. So there's nothing wrong with taking those advantages and making them work for you, share with people who love the same show your brilliant thoughts/ideas to garner their comments.


For people who mainly focus on their OWN ARTS

I really admire people who are always proud of their work, generally it can be hard to enjoy the true value without others' encouragement, so this self-approval and satisfaction is incredibly precious and rare. If you know what you want, keep developing your own style, and persist in it. Gradually, an audience will come to follow you, and they will do so because they too appreciate what you create for what it is. So trust in your own judgement and keep working to better yourself and your art.


For people expecting more FAVORITE and VIEW NUMBER

--First, A high view number is likely to bring you more favorites.
--Put more time into one piece and put your heart into it, people will be touched by your effort. A truly exquisite piece of art earns the it's own favorites.
--Don't underestimate the power of idea, it can sometimes add more to a piece than you expected.
--To know what your audience wants to see, or guide them to see what you want them to see.
   A good and clear use of (thumbnail) link to some relevant art could earn your old work more love.
--Always submit your art to the right group.
Groups are a very advanced function of dA, it links your work directly to your intended audience. But never submit to 10 groups in one day. Separate submission time may bring you a more broad audience. Also submitting to various groups will bring in different people with different interests as well. And always read group rules before making any submission
--Find the best submission time.
Making submission on peak time will provide your art a bigger chance to be viewed and favorited, especially for people out of the USA, check the time zones of other countries before making a submission. Checking if your friends are online before submitting is another little trick.
(I usually update before sleep, it's the only spare time in my daily life ^^b, and can't reply until the next day, which is not very good)
--Use the right tag, and put key words in the title of your work, so they are easier to be searched for.
--Sharing your work on other websites like Tumblr or facebook will draw significantly more traffic to your deviant homepage. (And please protect your copyright interests before sharing your works)


For people who love WATCHERS

Three kinds of people likely to win more watchers in dA
-- Talented artist: not much deviant, but each of them possess an innate ability and skill that is absolutely stunning.
-- Regularly updating artist: lots deviations presenting interesting ideas with reasonable quality.
-- Kind and active person who is good at making friends. Everyone loves a sociable, friendly personality.



All in all, you artwork will always be the essential element that makes up an attractive gallery, the methods I mentioned above will just help you to promote them and gain much valued feedback. It won't help your art skills improve however, that lies with you the artist, and you alone hold the power to improve yourself and create ever more beautiful and inspiring works.
Quantity improves your skills, while quality levels up your gallery.
So practice as much as possible, but only submit the best.
Put more time into one piece and put your heart into it, and it will all pay off in the end.
Love what you're doing, If you don't love your work first and foremost, you can never expect anybody else to.

And lastly, tell ya one more method that faster than any ways above is: Pray.
Pray for the number, it will grow! :XD:  Seriously, according to my gallery stats there is a huge tuning point took place in this April, 3 times higher than before , and I didn't do any significant changes. But that was when I started to pray, not for the data, but for every of you. :heart:

I'm curious about featuring others' work in one's journal for the purpose of benefiting those pieces and getting them more attention. Maybe I'll make a project about this feature and welcome everyone to participate then.


Hope you enjoyed my first experiences sharing journal.
If you find this sort of thing useful, next time I could talk somewhat about the secrets buried in your Deviant's data and gallery stats ;)

Edited by Vahnati Special thanks
I'm leaving from tomorrow until 7 July.... with potentially until 15th.
Don't miss me too much ;)

Love you, All the best~ :heart:


plus some Q&A I often be asked.

Q: Are you draw by hand? what program you use for digital coloring.
A: All the works you see in my gallery are colored digitally, those more dynamic and texture ones are made with photoshop, those smooth or cell style pieces are basically made with PainTool Sai.

Q: Are you use custom brush in Photoshop?
A: Yes I do use custom ink brush and I made them myself to fit my drawing hobbits. But it's not necessary, use preset brush can get the same out come just cost more time.

Q: How long it takes you to finish a piece
A: It really depends... from 30 mins quick doodle (that's why I call this doodle, to 10 hours full detailed piece But most is around 3-5 hours.

Q: Do you use tablet?
A: Yes I do, I mainly use ET0507, which is an 8-year-old wacom tablet. I have a bamboo-one, but it doesn't work with Sai so far which is quite annoying. I have an intos 4 in my studio. And... for me the price of product didn't make much difference...

Q: Do you take drawing class.
A: I took about 3 month drawing class for basics in high school, but those digital technique are all learnt from my firends and other artists. I wish I could take more drawing lesson, they do help.

Q: Secret of draw better
A: Practice, Practice, and Practice with your brain!


One more issue is kinda annoy me, like it annoy most of Artist:
Please credit me properly (with link back to this page) when you reblog my work.

Recolor, modify, insert to video, use as fanfic cover ... ect of my work, Please ask for my permission first, I'm not always comfortable with my art being used in all occasion.  

I only regularly post my work here in Deviantart, which is the domain page of my work, Tumblr has more casual doodle and pixiv with selected works…
other than these three places, well...I don't know...
Have you known that the Dark Horse Comics decide to publish another trilogy of comics set "The search" after "The Promise" trilogy, and will be written once again by Gene Yang, art by Gurihiru. This time, the main characters will be the Fire Nation royal family, particularly Zuko and Azula, the story will mainly explore the biggest unsolved mystery in "Avatar" lore: what happened to Prince Zuko's mother? Also, Avatar Aang. Toph, Sokka, and Katara will make appearance, but in a more limited role than they have had in previous comics.

more details please check…; and…

I think lots of you have already heard this news, but just in case you are not, and with you being someone who loves Azula, I should put this great news again!!
Thank you so much for everyone who send me this news!!

I was just finishing reading the second volume of the <The Promise>. It was fantastic and so eager to see the next volume, and now...Wow! the above news just made my day!! I'm so exited that finally they gonna tell us the story about Ursa and royal fire family, and I can't wait to see Gurihiru's Azula!! Although, I don't have the feeling that she'll be treated as one of the main character there. But really hope she could have a good development or at least be treated Justice, not just act like a pure villain. I always feel that Azula actually know what has happened to Ursa and where she was, and she may stop Zuko from finding her for some reason. Really looking forward to it!!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The other "journey" is about myself. Some of you may find that I'm not very satisfied with LOK's finale, and asked me if I'll stop drawing fanart.

Thank you for asking and cares my stuff. It is true that I didn't feel much inspiration after the season final, and... I'm sorry to say that I probably won't do much fanart for LOK before the second season airs.
BUT, it doesn't mean I'll stop drawing. My love towards ATLA and my girl Azula haven't burn out yet. I'll definitely carrying on this journey. There are still lots sketch waiting to be finished. Further more, I actually hoping to do some short comics, I had some narrative in my mind for quite a while, so I hope I can make some of them as well.
just give a quick announcement, although I have no idea how long will it take to happen...^^;
"way back" a 2 pages comic for Toko;  
"firebending prodigy" a 3 pages full color comic for Azula
"Monster", a story between Azula, Zuko and Ursa, up to 10 pages.

and really not sure if I got the capability to make it turn out well...;__;

But firstly I really want to sit back and take a basic drawing practice, feel so much need to be improved!
wondering if anyone got the interesting to do this with me?

Lastly, Thank you very much for all your comments and opinions about the LOK finale these days, sorry I type slow and may not be able to reply to them all at once, but I really enjoy reading them and there are lots of interesting points. So, you're more than welcome to speak your thoughts~ and feel free to discuss with others~
updated with short reveiw:
now this is my short review of the Finale, not positive, be ware.
Season Final Short Review by kelly1412


what you expect to see in the LOK finale?
Thank :iconnyanobyte: very much for captured my 50000 Kiraba!! so you win a head shot commission, and also thanks to :iconzutara4ever35: who also captured it several second later, I send :points: to you as well. wonderful job guys! I didn't witness the moment even I was by computer, it went very fast!
anyways, one more big moment you created for me!! I'm so thankful!!!
see you in the next activity~


WOW, I just realize my 50,000 page view it's coming!! *tearbend*
and I just get my 100th flag collection, it's over half of the countries in the world!!
Thank you gays, you love me too much!! I'm not deserve that.

So I'm offering another free commission position to the person who captured my 50,000 pageviews kiriba.
It Should be a full screen shot, beside the kiriba, it also need including your deviant ID on the top function bar (so you need login first), and the time on the right corner (window). please also tell me your timezone (or country). So I can know who did it and when does it happened.

than send it to me via note(url) or email (you can find my email in my deviantID)
the first person send me the screenshot that meets the requirement will be reward a  head sketch commission from me
no cheating please. I knows photoshop very well . :evillaugh:
Good Luck ;)

if you don't how to print screen, here is a tutorial : (Windows)… (MAC)…
very simple, no special software required.
you definitely should check out this!!…

Gurihiru, my favorite artists group for making Avatar comic <promise>, drew a piece of Azula.
and… is this Firelord Azula?!!!!! Gurihiru, you're my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the Azula I've been longing to see!!!
The perfect combine of cruelty and cuteness... and the whole mood of being a ruler.... just breathless!!
Absolutely fantastic!!! A way beyond perfect!!!! EPIC!!!~
this is...This is like dream come true!!!!!!...I'll bow down to her!
sincerely hope she can make an appearance in <promise> ~~

I feel my passion towards her start to cool down recently, but now, thanks for Gurihiru recalling my love, I feel my blood is boiling!!!!!!

post link again:…
if you like it, please come to their blog and give them a cheering or supporting!~
I've determined to make a best Azula fanart since I watch the show, and this just burning my fighting soul again!!!!!