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Hey guys! I just started a new Tumblr called "Anyone Can Improve at Drawing." (Or ACID for short, so I can make jokes about artists being on acid.) On this Tumblr artists can compare their old and new drawings to show how much they've improved. I started this to inspire young artists, and to show that drawing skill comes from years of hard work and practice, not from magic! Check it out here! Everyone is welcome to submit.

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Although I think this is a really neat idea, I also think any artist can improve, but my question is, how many end up making art they really want to make though? Through the years I've personally improved but ended up making things I couldn't care any less for and now art is a chore for me and I can't make anything I want to make no matter how hard I try.
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Feeling like you don't like any of your own work isn't an unusual thing for an artist to go through. Have you read this quote by Ira Glass?
It may also be that you're forcing yourself to draw things you don't enjoy. Stop doing that. Stop trying so hard to improve, and just let yourself have fun. Stop posting art online - not because that's a bad thing to do, but because it gives you a break from worrying about what other people think of your art. Draw the things you liked to draw as a kid. Draw whatever sounds fun to you. The more fun you are having, the more you will draw and the more you will improve.
I hope that helps!
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I actually have that quote saved on my computer! :) Saw it from muddy colors!
I've been drawing a lot of studies of mostly human anatomy mainly because I've been told by almost everyone I come across that I should. I actually haven't posted very much art at all because I have had the same thought process that you talk about. But when I do draw the things I do like I get super frustrated because its seems like no matter what, it never pans out and the process is usually a painful one. When I try to make the process fun I end up painting things I don't like anyway too. I have a secret-ish sketchbook where I draw a dragon every day where I try to improve on just that, I'm almost a year in but I honestly still feel just as lost as before I started it. When I draw it feels like I constantly have to compromise and lower my standards on the final product rather than make something I like.
I'm interested if their are professionals that had to compromise as well instead of making things they liked but things they were better at. 
Thank you. :)
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All artists are to some extent dissatisfied with their work. All artists make drawings they think are bad and wish they were better. Your frustration does seem to be at an unusual level, however. It's not normal to hate everything you draw and for every drawing to feel like a "chore." I don't really know what to tell you. Have you tried taking art classes? A good teacher may be able to help you improve faster and give you tips to keep you from getting so frustrated.

All I can think of to say is to relax. Accept that your drawings are going to be bad for a while, and the only way to improve them is to keep practicing. Enjoy the journey.
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Thank you for your very thoughtful reply's! :) Unfortunately there isn't any good art classes I can take that are around me, I did take one before, but it was about copying a photo using the grid method which won't work for what I want to do. I do watch and have bought a lot of art videos, they are narrated but uninstructed. Sadly any online class that is instructed I have seen are way over my price range. Again thank you so much for all your reply's. :)
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You're welcome. I hope you find a way forward so you can enjoy drawing.
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nice evolution, thanks :) 
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Nice! I love looking at art before and afters. :nod:
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I really like them too!
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This is super fun! Just went and submitted :)
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Awesome! Thanks for submitting!
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Awesome idea, I'll check it out later :)
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Such a great idea. Almost makes me wish I didnt delete my Tumblr account Words Can't Even Describe... - NaNoEmo 25/30 
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If you have the images somewhere else, just send me the info and I can post them on the Tumblr for you.
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oh haha I just meant i would have followed, but thats sweet. :D (Big Grin) 
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