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Princess Ka'iulani

By kelleybean86
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Princess Ka'iulani was the last princess of Hawaii, who fought to reverse the hostile takeover of her country. You can read more about her story and the process of this illustration at my blog:…

This stock photo was used as reference:…

Prints available here:…
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I've got a friend, she's mentally challenged, and SUPER sweet.

She's from Hawaii.

Chleo R.

May I just say though, she's married to someone else... Sorry 😐, he's a great guy too, very effervescent.

I've got a few pics of her on my page thedarklord2000

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She would have been queen of america
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Nani loa kau ki'i! Very nice depiction of the Princess.

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Great to fave.
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In a book I'm writing that majorly focuses on an alternate history of recent events, the Hawaiian royal family reestablishes the Monarchy. 
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Sounds like an interesting book!
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It's just a background fact of the story. The kingdom of Hawaii doesn't play much part in the story.
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Definitely interested here too.
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Don't believe the haole version of that story...

Thumbs Upgreat pic though Thumbs Up
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dont show a hawaiian the movie what ever you do we go "bezerk" which will be a light way to put it
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Beautifully done! Thanks for using my stock! :hug:
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Wow, I love your art! You are so talented. Great job! :D
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Long like the Republic of Hawaii !
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I need to thank you for this! This is such a respectful and beautiful portrayal of our last princess! I love the way you drew her coming out of the ocean! And how her hair is down, because I've only ever seen her portrayed with her hair up. But the hair down makes it feel... Wilder? Anyway, the flowers are also really important to me because it feels like she's wearing them to connect herself with her home! Every detail is amazing! Thank you for treating her with such respect!
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Aww, you're very welcome! I'm glad you noticed the detail of the flowers.
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You're welcome! :happy: 
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