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I recently became a huge Mistborn fan. You can read about the process behind this illustration at my blog:…

Please do not use this artwork without my permission. If you share it on social media, please link back to this page or to my website:
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Amazing! You are very talented!
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I love the detail and perspective of this!
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This is an excellent piece, and i love the illustration process on your blog!
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Thanks for reading my blog!
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This is such a beautiful illustration! The perspective is absolutely incredible. And I love the single earring! Such a lovely detail to add!!
I'd been hearing about Mistborn a lot. This illustration was actually what finally pushed me to start reading. Absolutely wonderful so far.
kelleybean86's avatar
Glad you're enjoying the book! Other people's Mistborn illustrations was what got me reading it too
shannanapeels's avatar
YAAASSSSS!!!!!! I'm reading the fifth book now :D
justMANGO's avatar
If only this was the actual cover for the book. =P
kelleybean86's avatar
A true compliment :)
justMANGO's avatar
You know how I love your artwork.
Aprilstar35's avatar
Yesssss! I love this series! Great job! 
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I just bought the Boxed Trilogy set because of this piece. Looking forward to read it! 
kelleybean86's avatar
Wow, that's awesome! Let me know how you like it. :) Just as a warning, the first third of the first book is kind of difficult to get through, but stick with it! It's worth it!
Moi-hime's avatar
Lovely composition and character design!
doppelgangergrl's avatar
Oh I love it! You can even see her earring!
kelleybean86's avatar
Can't forget the earring! :D
We need more good mistborn (and cosmere) fan arts like this one.
Elephantfreak's avatar
That series is amazing! I really love your take on it.
SingWithTheWind's avatar
Aaaa this is the best Mistborn fanart I've ever seen!!! ^^ Be sure to read the second trilogy as well! :3 Even better than the first in my opinion!
kelleybean86's avatar
Thanks! Is that the "Alloy of Law" series you're referring to?
SingWithTheWind's avatar
Yes! It's been a super fun and exciting series ^^
kelleybean86's avatar
Cool, I'll have to check it out!
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Judy Hopps icon

Sooooo cool and beautiful!!!
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