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Kaylee from Firefly

By kelleybean86
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I love all of the characters from Firefly, but I have a special place in my heart for Kaylee.

Patterns from Falln Stock and Kati Bear Stock.

My blog: [link]
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© 2011 - 2021 kelleybean86
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my name is kaylee xD
Doodlehoose1's avatar
So sweet. Great job.
Mad-Willy's avatar
Perfectly adorable. You even got the dimples!
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This is fantastic!  I just saw her at a convention too!  You really caught her facial expression.
kelleybean86's avatar
Awesome, thanks!
1000smiles's avatar
This is so lovely. It really shows how shiny and bright she is ♥
klumsyk's avatar
Yeah thats Kaylee allright
Donnietu's avatar
Stay shiny, Kaylee.
ShermanSquiggly's avatar
Yay! This is adorable probably my favorite drawing of Kaylee I've seen :) You captured her perfectly and I love your style!
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I have similar feelings for her. Half the things she say make me squee. The other half... well lets just say I'm going to a very special kind of hell

. I think this image of her really captured her personality and her peaceful nature. Perhaps even more than the actress because she at least had Jayne, Mal and Zoe to contrast so heavily with her sweetheart nature.
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Yay Kaylee! You've captured her so perfectly!
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Oh my god, the cuteness! The cuteness is so spot on!
ProphetStorm's avatar
My favorite character from Firefly is right here. Very well done!
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Hey, I write for and was wondering if I could include this image on a Kaylee Fanart feature. I will of course link back to the original and mention you by name.
kelleybean86's avatar
Sure, that would be fine.
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You captured her perfectly! this is the bet :) very well done!
louisesaunders's avatar
dawww! lovely style
JohntheMurray's avatar
You captured her SO well.
X-I-L2048's avatar
Her personality really shines through in the pose you gave her, I love that you included her parasol. =D
kelleybean86's avatar
Her parasol is so cute, it's too bad it never makes another appearance in the show.
X-I-L2048's avatar
I know, I was kind of hoping for another appearance myself.
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