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As a child, I loved reading fairy tales, especially the ones with beautiful princesses in them. Every single day you could find me at my little white desk, drawing princesses, fairies, unicorns, ballerinas, mermaids and swans. I'm still basically the same super girly girl, and I'd like to illustrate books that inspire children with stories of adventure, magic and romance. Hence the slightly Lisa Frank-esque imagination cloud above my head, with a princess smack in the center! (Also some bunnies, for good measure.)

The rest of the drawing is more or less accurate depiction of my desk area: the bulletin board with notes and old receipts on it, the photo of my parents taped to the wall, a mug filled with pens and pencils, the birch-colored IKEA drawers, papers lying on the floor, my terrible posture. I do not have gigantic picture frames on the wall, though - I threw those in for the contest theme. Also, I do not have a cat, I am allergic to them. There was just an empty space and I felt like drawing a cute cat.

EDIT: Sorry for the ugly watermarks. This image has been making its way around Facebook as a meme, cropped and with a quote about imagination on it. If you see it, be sure to ask the poster to link to this page.

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Ahhh the kitty is watching it!

You get my follow.

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 "Just because something is imaginary doesn't mean it is not real." :) (Smile)  Imaginationland South Park

"I... Um... because I think... they are real. It's all real. Think about it. Haven't Luke Skywalker and Santa Claus affected your lives more than most real people in this room? 

I mean, whether Jesus is real or not, he... he's had a bigger impact on the world than any of us have. 
And the same could be said of Bugs Bunny and, a-and Superman and Harry Potter. Oops! 

They've changed my life, changed the way I act on the Earth. Doesn't that make them kind of "real."? 
They might be imaginary, but, but they're more important than most of us here. And they're all gonna be around long after we're dead. 

So in a way, those things are more realer than any of us."Heart
Hug Huggle! Hug Hug Huggle! Hug 
 Imaginationland South Park.…
This is a fantastic piece!! [ love the cat's expression.]
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This piece of work you have created is outstanding! I was wondering if I could use this a book cover, of course you will be credited.
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No, sorry. I charge money to have my illustrations used for book covers. That's how I make my living.
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Alright then, at least I asked permission first. Thank you for letting me know.
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Yes, thank you for asking first. I appreciate it.
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This is incredible!
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Hi Kelley, I found your image (with the cropped out watermark) on a blog post that is getting really popular, and I asked the writer to credit your work, but she deleted my comment. 

I thought that you might want to get in touch with her. I wanted to send you the link but DeviantArt thinks it's spam. Anyway, I think you'll find it easily on her website: carolinachavate . com

All the best,
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Hi Diana - thanks for looking out for my work, I really appreciate it. I checked out the website and saw the blog post you were referring to. It's possible that she didn't crop out the watermark, but is using a previous, unwatermarked version I posted online when I was young and dumb. She does have my Deviantart handle listed, so that's something. I may still try to contact her and get her to add a link. Thanks again.
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Hi Kelley, 

No problem, you are very welcome. I just find it infuriating when people disregard our work like that, especially in this case... she was talking about quitting her day job to be a writer, and about getting paid for her work! Pretty ironic.

I contacted her twice: first I encouraged her to look for the author of the image because I was sure "Pinterest" was not it; and then, after seeing that she had deleted my first comment, I did a quick google search, found your name and wrote her again. She also deleted my second comment, but I'm glad to hear she added the credit.
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Yes, her email to me was very polite. Thanks again for looking out for my work!
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Beautiful Work ! Power of Imagination.
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I see this girl, and I see the same thing that I do when I draw <3 Imagine <3
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Hey it's great and a lovely picture. If i quote you as the artist and post a link on my slide show may i use the picture for a presentation about writing stories? I would love too because it such a great picture and what i imaging but cant create myself. +fav 
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Yes that's fine. Thanks for asking!
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Not a problem. I think it is always nice if i ask before i use.
This is a very beautiful work.
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