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How to Paint Lifelike Skintones

I used my recent self portrait to make a little tutorial for you guys. I hope you use it to paint some portraits! If so, please give me a link to your work, I'd love to see it.

There's some additional material on my blog, where I analyzed skin tones from various Deviantart stock photos.…

Most of what I learned about skin tones came from Navate's excellent skin tone tutorials. Check them out:
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Thank you so very much! :heart:
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I can't love this tutorial enough. It's one of those "so obvious once you're told" things. <3
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!
It is really helpful! <3<3<3
Tomecko's avatar
A great tutorial! I confess I am guilty of painting android skin, but now I will do my best not to.
kelleybean86's avatar
We've all been there! :) I'm glad you found this helpful.
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Very helpful indeed! :D
sirifintland's avatar
This is really helpfull! 
kelleybean86's avatar
Glad to hear it!
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That's really helpful even for someone who painted lots of portraits already *cough* I sometimes struggle with basic things like this yellow/red/blue-scheme and it's good to be reminded how it works nicely :)
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Very helpful! Thanks for the tips.
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very helpful! I didn't know the thing of the blue chin XD
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Very nice tutorial :)
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Wow very helpfull!!
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Very helpful, I usually have a tough time with skin tones, but this clears up some of the mystery.
kelleybean86's avatar
Glad to hear you found it helpful
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