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Draw Female Body Types

By kelleybean86
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If there's one thing I'm good at, it's drawing women. So I thought I'd write this little guide on how to draw women - all types of women.

This isn't about basic human anatomy. This isn't a fashion magazine article about "What's YOUR body type?" Stop leaving comments like "but I don't look like that."  THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU AT ALL. It's about learning how to different body shapes. It's about expanding your character design vocabulary so you can draw more unique and intentional female characters.


It's about learning to draw.
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Would you say that clothing can help with individuality and intention, kelleybean86?
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Middle-aged woman... Google search image: "your mom"

I freaking choked, that was so funny

Jokes aside, this is such an awesome chart! So helpful for drawing, thank you so much!!! <3
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My OC is a combination of fashion model and curvy

Pls dont tell me her design is "unrealistic"

I understand but i dont want to be attacked

All that aside would soneone show me how they would draw her body type?
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Oh my god i feel like a whiny idiot okay so shes curvy but with longer legs and arms pls dont actually do anything tho
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And I can agree that most mothers do indeed have that middle-aged body shape. I'd normally be mad at that, but I'm just saying it's a common stereotype, and I don't find it offensive at all.
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I don't give girls breasts until they're about 18 or 19 years old.

And I practically never draw overweight characters because I don't want to insult peoples' body shapes.
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now I need to find something like this for men, this was so helpful in learning to draw
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Thank you so much . This has helped me a lot with getting better with different body types for my art . 
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I have the middle age body type....I am 15.
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Please don't compare yourself to the chart. The chart is meant to help people learn to draw, that's all. It's not meant for people to compare their own bodies to.

There is no "right" or "wrong" body to have. You are perfect the way you are.
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I know. Thank you for clarifying, but I don't find it offensive to see what body type I have. I don't really see why people feel bad about themselves. Just deal with the way you look and even joke about it if you can!
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I hope this practice is good for beginners! Or maybe you have a few more recommendations for somebody learning anatomy in digital art?
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I would recommend taking some figure drawing classes at your local community college or community center. There are also some online figure drawing generators that you can use.
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I took some drawing because it was required for my degree, but we didn't do anything regarding human nature other than faces - which really blows because I feel like the body is pretty important. I've never actually heard of a figure drawing generator though, I'll give that a try! Thanks for the response ^_^
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Yeah, the whole body is important! The key to learning to draw anything is to practice drawing from life, from photos, and from imagination.
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Omg. I'm 13 and I got my curves but I'm tiny. Screech!
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Thanks! This'll help a lot, all my females have looked the same. :D
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hey i think ill use this when i start to draw female characters from my fictional universe.
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So, I've been using this as a reference since I started drawing years ago and I never looked at who was the original artist and now that I know, I've happy. I'm sorry that I never fully appreciated you, and thank you for making such a good reference!
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You're welcome! I'm glad that you've found it helpful. Keep drawing!
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:) You too! Thanks for putting lots of good material out there!
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"google image search; your mom" 
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