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In December 1993, Michael released a video statement from Neverland Ranch in response to his first battle against allegations of child molestation. In the video, he detailed information on how horribly he'd been treated through a body search which he was not allowed to refuse.

(Video is here: [link])

I was eight years old when this statement was released, and I remember watching it on TV. I didn't really understand what was going on, but I knew Michael was completely humiliated and it was upsetting for me to see.

While probably a majority of viewers felt some kind of satisfaction over his pain, or were simply mocking his looks alone and calling him a "freak" or "weirdo," I sat at home and just saw a broken man. A human being subjected to humiliating treatment.

Please do not start a debate in comments over anything related to the backstory of this image. If any crap starts, I'll disable the ability to reply.

Edit: I moved the watermark a bit so it's not right across his face :)
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Hi Kelley,

would you consider providing a small version of this picture without for a watermark for an article about Michael's rehab period on web-site

We will credit you as the author and the preview picture will link to your Deviantart, as it now does.