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The seller did contact me back just now and had just pulled images from a Google search and didn't realize they were breaking any rules and promised to take the item down.  I have also alerted them to the other pieces that were fan art, so hopefully they will pull those down as well.  I will keep an eye out in the future though.  And thanks for everyone keeping an eye out for each others' artwork out there!  Nice to know we can count on people to have our backs!

I was just alerted of some art theft of my Lagoona and Gil fan art piece that was cropped to take off the signature, then placed in necklaces for sale on Ebay.  I looked through some of the other seller's items for sale, and not only is she using my image, but she is also using other MH fan art and also official Mattel images.  I have contacted the people who's images I know are theirs for sure, as well as Mattel, but please look below or to the seller's sight… and see if any of these images are yours!  TOTALLY UNCOOL and so frustrating.  :(  I have already contacted the seller to alert them that they are using stolen artwork.  So I will keep an eye on their store to see if anything changes.

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SO glad you caught them.
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oh dear, what happens when someone steals your art? Did you email them? How do you report something like that? Where do you get the paperwork?
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I sent the seller a message. They were apologetic and took the listing down immediately. There is a form to fill out to report copyrighted items on eBay...but they contacted me right before I sent that in. I always try to contact the person first before filling out the paperwork, but you can definitely report stuff like that if you find it on Ebay and Etsy. For bigger problems like overseas stuff and what not...I'm not sure, but I think a good lawyer is worth finding for that type of problem!
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...big fat watermark. I know some people hate it, but it can help discourage this kind of thing.
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Yeah, I totally hate doing that...I do it with some of my stuff but wasn't really thinking about these but I guess I'll have to put one on there...
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Those are so cool~
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It's really annoying...
How can they even do that? ;/ It should be baned -.-
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Yeah...I don't know. I always see the world through rose colored glasses and forget that there are just people out there that don't care. Sad. :(
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yeah i know what do You mean.
One time a russian costume making company took my fanart of Winx fairy and put it on their promo pictures... I was really bad feeling cuz of that. It's completelly unfair to make money on other people's work!
I'm just glad that I'm not as popular in MH area as people would take my pictures :)
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not the first i have seen i am always contacting sellers on Etsy about it...they always have the cheek to say they dont own the image and are not charging for it just the work they did croping it >.>; makes me so mad
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people piss me off ><
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My best guess would be that the seller just looked up Monster High images on google and got those.

I'm just hoping that they did it on accident, yknow?
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That's probably my guess as well, but it's still not legal to do that either! :-\
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Oh, I know, I know, but I've seen many artists that have been unable to stop the seller from selling. I don't think that's the case here, though.
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No, this seller was very apologetic and took the listing off right away. They said they didn't realize it was copyrighted. I explained that just cause it doesn't say it anywhere doesn't mean they shouldn't find out who the artist is and at least get permission. But even then...why should I have to explain it?! Who in their right mind thinks it's okay to just google an image and use it to make money.... that's what those stock images are for, and even then you have to pay to use the stock image! I've never known an artist to just go "oh, it's okay to totally use my artwork on your product and not pay me for making it." lol
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Oh, I know. People don't think before they do things sometimes. That's one thing I'm always concerned about is someone getting a hold of an artist's art and selling it. It does happen an awful lot, especially if it's art of a certain show/game/ect.
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might want to go ahead and search etsy as well - that place is just chocked full of people ripping images off the net and using them in bezel necklaces... not sure how anyone can think "hey I didn't make this art, but I can totally use it to make money". It's theft period - the internet is not a free smorgasbord of stock/clipart.

hopefully they respond to you soon - I'd email Ebay too and complain. My friend had issues with that and you have to do a lot of documentation to prove your the original artist... but still, good to let them know as well :)
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I'll start searching Etsy too! I never understand how people feel like they can do that. Such a shame.
I'm filing a report with Ebay right now too to say it infringed on copyrights and have to show some other documentation. Oh, the fun begins...
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