Year of the Horse
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Program:  Adobe Illustrator CC.
I included the wire frame because it's Illustrator, and this is what's behind all the fun color.  I started her in January of '14, but due to lack of time and interest and my style changing a bit, I just never really got around to finishing her.  In total maybe 80 hrs?  Maybe less...  there were nights where I'd literally just basically stare at her for a couple hours wondering what to add next.  I'm just glad she's finally done.  Prints will be available in my Etsy store or on Amazon Handmade once I finish setting up my storefront there.


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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (Windows)
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JCSArtCan|Professional General Artist
WOW! Impressive. Beautiful vector blends.
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yetishaman|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your work is truly an inspiration!
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JCSArtCan|Professional General Artist
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mosuga|Professional Digital Artist
holy guacamole
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Morgaine-Demonia|Hobbyist General Artist
I love horse's and the Oriental style so I love this
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hrfarrington|Professional General Artist
:wow: Really incredible work!
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Lilia-gal|Student Digital Artist
+fav nice!
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this is soooo cooool!!!
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WindDrifter|Professional General Artist
I can't believe this is illustrator!! Incredible
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REIdepenguin|Student Traditional Artist
This is so beautiful!
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Mr-Ripley|Professional Digital Artist
Very creative!
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nice one
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Scarletfrost|Hobbyist General Artist
Whelp...all my puttering in Illustrator seems like kindergarten doodles, now. :P  It's beautiful. Super fav!
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zemimsky|Hobbyist General Artist
this is simply absolutely insane : faint:
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WOW! this looks great! :D 
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Maiko-Girl|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Im so happy to finally see this lovely lineart finished in all her glory and she looks amazing! I hope that you will let your watchers know when this will be availabel as a print in your Etsy store as im definitly buying one! Love 
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Miss-dreamerkat|Hobbyist General Artist
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Absolutely beautiful!!
That gets me stoked to draw!!
Good job. keep it up!
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Long ago and far away, in some exotic locale awash with pastel glows
There lived a magical lady with four legs and hooves instead of feet and toes
Draped in sparkling silks and sumptuous satins, her parasol a twirl
She trots freely through her golden palace, glimmering like sacred pearl

Welcome to my secret garden, said the gentle lady to the knight
A setting so delectable, without compare, rich with all earthly delight
Explore the vast terrarium replete with mystical orchid blooms
Lotus blossoms flutter on the wind while fairies dance on sweet mushrooms

Truth, milady, I must admit, never have I beheld such a paradise
'Tis Eden reborn in all her splendor, unequaled in its incalculable price
But may I be so bold as to ask of the nature of its darling keeper
I have a feeling her story is truly masking something so much deeper

With a laugh like running water washing, rushing over scintillating glass
Away she cantered down the path, polished hooves shone like burnished brass
So gallant a lady, so wondrous a mare, so bright, so elegant, so demure
Resplendent in glorious emeralds and breathtaking crimsons so pure

Now the time has come to bid adieu to this mysterious, ethereal queen
Surpassing all worldly wonders, the greatest beauty to have ever been seen
Residing ever in her eternal garden, a living jewel no one can possess
Although one day you too will gaze into her almond eyes and be blessed
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Erve-PaulEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Great! And I'm specially impressed be the wireframe!
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Fayen-ri|Hobbyist General Artist
Incredible! I've never imagined that you could complete such a complex and colorful picture with illustrator, at least I've seen it as almost impossible without a lot of patience and passion... I bow before you and your skills Worship 
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This is amazingly beautiful work!
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HiSS-Graphics|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this :D And I adore the amount of detail. Very often people tend to go so overboard with details that you don't see where the body even is underneath. But you managed to avoid that and still go crazy with details <3 Kudos!
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