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Still buried to my eyeballs in work, but had to get her out of my head last night.
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This is great!  She's really cute!  She also reminds me a lot of my wife.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen her in this exact pose while she's reading something.  (She also wears glasses, so it's kind of eerie just how similar this Sphinx looks to her.)
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I also love how her face has such subtle feline characteristics of lions, such as the nose and the marks about the brows and lighter areas around the eyes. Great observations.

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Love this character. I want to write stories about her. Wonderful stuff.

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She's looks like Alya Squee! 
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I rarely see sphinxes, and so this is something I absolutely love. .w.
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Your style reminds me of Loppoditty
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This is absolutely beautiful!
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wonderful art full of personality.
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such a cute nerdy sphinx :)
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She is so cute.
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This is the first time I've seen such a cute sphinx.:happybounce: 
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I love how you were able to blend all the different features of the Sphinx from the  wings to the lions curves and curls.Great work! Amazing style! Love 
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"Hmmm, this Edward Nygma fellow has some good ideas! Next time that Oedipus guy with the mommy complex comes through, I'll really nail him good!! Why IS a raven like a writing desk?"
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Ha Ha! I had the same idea when I saw the sphinx!Wink/Razz 
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Thank you for sharing, I love that she is reading. Very cute idea. :)
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Glad you did!  What a great idea!
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