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Corset Tutorial pt.2

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hello everyone.
I am creating a new dA account to coincide with my youtube: Axceleration Cosplay
so if you want new cosplay patterns or prints please check out my individual page: axcelerationcosplay.deviantart…
this account will still remain, but i will not be updating it anymore, or replying to any comments or requests.
thanks for your patience with this transition

uploaded a different file with images of me wearing the corset to show how it fit :]

~~pattern tutorial~~

for a better lacing tutorial .... cuz mine is lame and kinda confusing.... go here!

For more artsy craftsy fun visit our Youtube channel where video tutorials about sewing, crafts, and nail art can all be found
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What pattern paper did you use? Any tips on which ones to buy?
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in the description you will find the link to the tutorial where i made my pattern
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This tutorial is perfect! Most of the patterns i looked at for ideas were for underbust corsets, and the shape was way off on the rest.  I'm making a corset/vest for a Gakupo Cosplay and wanted to draft my own patterns for everything, I just didn't know how to apply that to a corset. Can't wait to start!
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This is the best corset tutorial I have found! Thank you so much! This is going to help me out a lot!
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Do you need to put a busk in or could you just make it all one piece?
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You can definitely make it all one piece. In fact, for another corset i made, I added a zipper to the front instead of a busk. But, if you don't add anything it will still work perfectly, it will only be a lot more difficult to put on. And remember to add an extra bone down the front to replace the busk.
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
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how do you know how much lacing your gonna need?
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3 yards for myself was too small and I have a pretty small torso, but i also made a really long corset. For a good practice measurement take some string or ribbon and lace it through your corset. remember to lace it really loose at first, so loose that you can easily unsnap and resnap the front busk together. That will give you a good estimate for length of your lacing. Always get more not less.
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Love this tutorial :) just a question about boning: I'm trying to make a corset dress for prom, and I'd like flexibility so I can dance...would flat steel boning give any flexibility, or should I go with spiral steel? Everywhere I've read that spiral steel gives better flexibility than flat.
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spiral steel gives much better flexability. flat doesnt much at all. spiral will bend front and back and side to side. flat will only slightly bend front and back depending on how thick it is.
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Okay, thanks! I think I'll go with spiral then...
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of course ~ no prob. hope it works out well for you :heart:
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You could also use plastic boning because it tends to bend as well. My friend has a corset with plastic boning and she can sit and bend over while wearing it...
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Will the finished corset be able to support the bust without the use of a bra, for those ladies with larger busts?
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if its made right: yes. I have decent boobs...(Cs)... and i just wore a bando under it. But I made one for my friend with an extremely busty bust and i believe she still felt more comfortable with a bra on. Its not that it wouldn't give enough support if tight enough (because it definitely will if laced tightly) its a matter or comfort for the wearer.
but if you plan on wearing a bra under it in the first place, remember to measure yourself with your bra on.
~ :kitty: ~
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Great tutorial!

Here's a tip on wehn you want to hide the boning: Make 'sleeves' in which the boning fit perfectly. Sew that to the underlayer and then sew the top layer onto the bottom one. This makes it invisible and will protect your corset from the tearing of the steel boning that you will eventually get in the long run.
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thats an awesome suggestion! ill try that on my next corset! thanks!!!
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I have a bizarre question for you: When you made the pattern did you make it so there would be space at the back? I've made a few corsets before (like.... 6 now, I think.) and I can never actually figure out how much room I should leave in the back for just.. well, back?
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If you have a curvy back, such as an Edwardian figure like myself I highly suggest making modifications to your patterns and making plenty of mock ups.
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i dont like a lot of gap between the corset but some people do. I've seen gorgeous corsets with 4 - 5 inches of gap.
i prefer a tighter fitting corset. i think its ideal to have a 1-2 inch gap with it pulled completely tight. that way theres still room if your size changes. mostly in the waist. if the sides of the corset touch at the waste (or anywhere else) its too big.
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No problem. I totally needed this to make some clothes!!
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