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Corset Pattern Drafting Tutorial

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hello everyone.
I am creating a new dA account to coincide with my youtube: Axceleration Cosplay
so if you want new cosplay patterns or prints please check out my individual page: axcelerationcosplay.deviantart…
this account will still remain, but i will not be updating it anymore, or replying to any comments or requests.
thanks for your patience with this transition

so this is what i've been working on lately.... phew~ it's taking sooo long but it's coming along really well :]
i need to make 3 for me and my friends by comicon >< so i'm working really hard!!!!
~~corset tutorial~~

enjoy :heart:

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Did you use boning in your corset? If so what kind of boning do you think would be most affordable and effective? 
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If someone could explain 4 and 5 in a easier way to understand that would be amazing!
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thank you so much!!!
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You are a bloody life saver. I'm cosplaying Elsa and need it done in six weeks, so I didn't have time to wait for a pattern to arrive. Then I found this, and you may well have saved my entire outfit from being a empire dress. Thank you!
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If your bust length and hip length are different, would you end up with a trapezoid shape in the beginning, before you divide it into the number of panels you want? or would you go with either the hip or bust length, but not both?
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go with whatever is the largest.  then you'll divide the panels with in that for the rest
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What materials would you say are best for making them in
-your preference
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!!
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Would this work for an underbust corset as well?
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Yes it would. You would just have to adjust the length but the construction will be the same
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That was the most helpful tutorial i have ever read! No Joke. I went though like fifteen before I found yours and NO ONE told me how to get the darts made for each panel. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm going to get crafting right now.
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You are so amazing! :wow: I love this tutorial!! :la: Thanks to you I can finally start to make my own corset! :happybounce:
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you're quite welcome!! i wish you the best of luck. it might seem frustrating at times, but keep at it! i messed up more times than i can remember before i finally got here. remember: the seam ripper is your BEST FRIEND! :]
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Thank you so much for your advice! :la: I will do my best! :happybounce:
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Do you need any corset boning for this?
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this was just the practice piece. i used boning for the actual corset all explained here: [link]
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really awesome tutorial, thank you for sharing your knowledge
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You have been featured here: [link]
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Thanks so much for making this just tried it worked out so well!!! <3
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your welcome! I'd love to see the final result!
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In step 3 which one do you divide by 5, the bust or hip measurement? and where does all the extra space come from?
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first i divide the bust and hip by five and connect them with straight lines as you see in the 3rd step (my bust and hips were the same measurement.) if they aren't i suggest taking your biggest measurement (either your bust or hip) and dividing it by five and drawing straight lines down like step 3. then in step 5 i divide the remaining measurements by five as well. these measurements should be much smaller than your bust or hips and thats where all the space comes from in the pattern. and follow the instruction on placement of the smaller measurements as shown in step 5. does that clarify?
~ :kitty: ~
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