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Valenwind Smut -- Desperation :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 16 14
Valenwind AU -- Two Worlds 16
"Why do you guys paint yourselves up before you go fight?" Cid asked as Yuffie painted a red strip across his nose and under his eyes.
"Cause red's the color of war," Yuffie said. "The color makes us strong. And we're gonna need some of that strength, or we'll get our butts kicked!"
Tifa walked up with another bowl of paint, giving Yuffie an admonishing look.
Yuffie scowled. "Well, it's true." She took the bowl from Tifa and put a few white spots on the red stripes. "You look pretty silly, though," she admitted. "Yellow hair and all."
"I don't care. If we get caught, Hojo's gonna know that I'm completely on your side. I can't stand out anymore."
"Does it matter?" Tifa asked with a seemingly innocent smile.
"Well... I like to pretend like I'm part of something, at least." Cid wrinkled his nose.
"You are, and I know someone who would be glad to agree."
Cid smiled, looking towards Vincent. Most of the capable natives were out mixing face paints and decorating each other's faces.
"But... i
:iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 3 3
Valenwind AU -- Two Worlds 15
"Everyone, please be silent," Lazard said over the whispering and muttering of the villagers that had assembled around the village's central fire pit. It had been two weeks since they had given Cid their blessing, and Lazard smiled slightly with pride as he saw how well the outsider was accustoming to the natives' lives. He had traded in his strangely colored trousers for a pair of hide pants, fringed at the seams on the outer sides of the legs and secured with a drawstring. Vincent's beads still hung around his neck, and he had replaced the strange seeing divices he usually wore on his forehead with a headband that Aeris had crafted.
Both the elders and Cid were standing each on high rocks that had been dragged over from the river, so that they could see every face in the crowd. This time, Lazard was standing in the center, hands raised to calm the crowd. "It's true, we don't know very much about these visitors, but now we have a valuable resource on our side." He nodded at Cid, who s
:iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 2 3
VW - A Little Fall of Rain
There was blood everywhere. Splattering the ground as Cid prodded the sprawled bodies with the prongs of his trident, searching for a familiar face, it produced a coppery smell that assaulted and suffocated. During the fight, Vincent had nearly lost control of Chaos, and fled to calm him for fear of hurting Cid, who'd no idea where he'd gone, or if he ever planned on coming back, or if the SOLDIERs had found him, or if he'd found them.
Cid didn't know anything, because he was the only one left standing. He thought Barret might still be alive, or at least, he was five minutes ago. Call him heartless, but Cid had bigger fish to fry. He could live without Barret, but not without Vincent.
He heard him before he saw him, which sent a lurch of terror through his chest. Vincent seldom made a sound, even when he was in intense pain, but there was no mistaking the tone of the low groan that rose from the thin trees in front of Cid. He tore through them, bashing tall, thin bra
:iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 5 7
Cid cosplay - totally done by Kellatrix Cid cosplay - totally done :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 3 26 Cid ID by ElfAlannah by Kellatrix Cid ID by ElfAlannah :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 7 3
11:34 PM
I'm lying in bed and pretending to sleep when he comes in.
There's tears streaming from the corners of my eyes
catching in the crevices of my nose
and dripping down onto the sheet as he moves closer.
I'm not sure if he knows I'm awake or not;
if he does, he doesn't act upon the knowledge.
I watch him out of barely-cracked eyes,
watch his face above me,
looking at me like I'm the epitome of beauty,
like I might disappear at any moment, and I realize
that that expression is what I've been waiting for
my entire life.
:iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 2 0
Cid Highwind cosplay by Kellatrix Cid Highwind cosplay :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 5 7
Valenwind AU -- Two Worlds 14
Vincent paced restlessly outside the hut, hand clasped around Cid's tags. He had started to pull his wound open with his continuous movement but he didn't notice. He felt ill to his stomach with worry. When Cid came out of the tent, his face lit up with smugness, he ran over to Vincent and locked him in an embrace.
Vincent gasped and held the captian's face tightly. "Cid?"
"Guess who didn't get kicked out!" Cid roared, holding Vincent snugly to him. Vincent clung to the pilot, giving a carefree laugh as he was lifted up into the hug. As the three elders emerged, Lazard smiled. Veld cleared his throat and was highly amused at the embarressed flush that bloomed over Vincent's pale face. Cid immediately let him go.
"Sorry." Veld waved off Cid's apology and smiled.
"You are free to return back to...your home." He motioned Vincent over and placed a scarred hand on the long hair. "I am glad that you are safe. I was scared that you had met the same fate of your father." Vincent smiled in resp
:iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 2 4
Am I growing up, or am I just giving up?
Hauled like wet sand to a lonely sea.
I want to see smiles, I want to hear laughs
but I can't help anyone close to me.
And airplanes are all that I see.
Why am I here? If I disappeared
Would anyone come looking for me?
What you don't understand, is that I need a hand,
someone to comfort and guide me.
But those airplanes are all that I see.
The river runs, it's never done
and every now and then I'll run
and see if someone washes me away.
The water's high, the current's fast
and maybe nothing's meant to last
but all I see are airplanes rushing past.
I ran away, but now I'm here to stay,
hearing my feet on the concrete.
I've never felt so lost; tell me, is this the cost
that's making me feel so incomplete?
Like the ghosts of the airplanes
I'm rushing out to meet.
Rivers, planes, and speeding cars
Sidewalks, songs on slow guitars
the galaxy around me
as these people's lives surround me.
Oceans, skies, and winding roads
walking with no place to go
:iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 0 1
Death of Hyacinthus by Kellatrix Death of Hyacinthus :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 3 1 Aden Feltie by Kellatrix Aden Feltie :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 4 7 Flowernose by Kellatrix Flowernose :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 4 0 Ulquiorra gave me crabs. by Kellatrix Ulquiorra gave me crabs. :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 0 0 Orihime Inoue - Kimono by Kellatrix Orihime Inoue - Kimono :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 0 1 Onna by Kellatrix Onna :iconkellatrix:Kellatrix 2 1
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They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

I want it to be shown when one first views my page.

I am NO LONGER on deviantART.

You can find me on Tumblr under the same username (, if you so wish, but I am not here anymore, and if anyone tries to contact me here, they will be out of luck.


I still upload fanfiction and art and photos on Tumblr, though, so if you have one, plz do follow.
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