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Learning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan .
Feedback is more then welcome!

Commissions are open!
-Note me!-

Warning: Spam comments will be hidden and reported. So please no advertisement or spam comments on my userpage, art or notes.

Advertisements for your page downright asking for free art will be hidden.
THIS Also included chain comments.

This also goes for strangers noting me for a reqeust. STOP DOING ITadklfjasjd
I don't do request, especially not for strangers.



I'm an adult woman, currently working part time as an illustrator for a children's book publishing company and part time as a graphic designer for a commercial event company.
my dream is to become a comic-artist and/or make character designs for game or animated projects.

Still looking for more work, note me about commissions. Commissions - Open by MyStamps
i dont do request

Excuse me for my poor grammar, I'm Dutch. (but in all fairness my Dutch is also bad.)


  • Listening to: otxhello - depression
  • Reading: My lesbian experience with loneliness
  • Watching: Bojack Horseman
  • Playing: Puyo Puyo
  • Drinking: Coffee
Crap Just noticed I haven't updated a DA journal in a year! not much to update other then that I and :iconmangogloory: will be selling our art merch at Dutch Comic Con this weekend! 
I got a new job , finished my big comic commission and waiting so it can get published , Did I mention that I had a fantastic birth day party in July? my friends are the best :heart: and now I have a friend journal book!

Some sadder news is that my brother moved out of the house to a different country and that  I am missing him...and my cat Simba died. It was a real tearful goodbye but I be doing better, I'm fighting extra hard. I am lucky that I got a family and friends who supported me all the way trough.
In two weeks I also be in France to visit Ycon with friends! if anyone is going to be there too let me know!

Other news is I hope to move out of the house to live closer to my friends (and at not too FAR away from my parents either) to move into the city in the near future.

I got a ko-fi page

Business email:

Commissions are open! 
-Commission -01: (Cosmopoo-OC)

- Only Digital
- Shipment possible 
- Please only Paypal (no points.)
- Half of the payment up front,
- Refunds are always possible during the sketch phase. 
- You only get half of the refund back if we passed the sketch phase and the lineart/flat coloring is finished. 
- No mecha's 
- Het,Yaoi and Yuri are all fine unless you are a minor.

My Tumblr:

My Twitter:

Groups I am in




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