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By Kelisah
Sorry, I needed a little break from commissions, and I had a sudden urge to draw an armorless Nightmare Moon.

Anyways, onward to commissions!
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Awwwww, *hugs nightmare* =<
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Nice and sad same time
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*hugs Nightmare* Here we go.
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Why is she crying? Nightmare Moon was evil, she never felt any sadness or regret, only jealousy and hate.
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It could quite possibly be that Luna is trying to break out of her evil form.
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Quoi yuc uso sliot? Myutfgnulo Neem quuc obyur, uso mobol horg umi cujmoais el lotulog, emri doureaci umja fugo.
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is that luna or Nightmare moon
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Great picture of Nyx :)
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True on the one hand, but Nyx is basically the reborn pure filly version of Nightmare Moon. Therefor one could make the argument that when Nexus completes the spell (turning her into Nightmare) that she then becomes physically indistinguishable from Luna.

The one difference between them of course would be Nightmare's lack of a cutie mark I suppose, but other than that they're interchangeable.

Also I was aware that this was most likely not Nyx, I just chose to identify her as such because I always considered Nightmare to be a half baked lame child friendly excuse for a villain. It wasn't until I listened to Past Sins that I had any liking towards her.

Fandoms Are Magic, because they can make you see things in a whole new way. Luna as Nightmare was boring, Nyx as Nightmare is vastly interesting because of the better handled emotional structure of the story.

Sorry I'm sort of obsessed with story structure.
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Nyx is a fan made character though, and isn't canon.
I honestly think Nyx is a Mary-sue, I don't really liked her.
And Kelisah meant for this to be a picture of Nightmare Moon, not Nyx.

Just wondering, have you ever read the MLP comics, where Rarity becomes Nightmare Rarity, it explains the Nightmare thing.
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I've never actually read the comics, but I have heard about them through Brony analysts. The Nightmare Forces are an interesting concept. I sort of doubt we'll ever be seeing Nightmare again on the show (unless it's a flashback), but you never know.

As for Nyx being a Mary-Sue, I agree she could have been presented with a few more flaws to her character. Perhaps it's only because I personally enjoyed the actual story, but I think the author should have spent more time focusing on Nightmare. He has this huge build up, and then Nyx is bad for like a few days, and spends the rest of the time unsure of what her place is. With a length that I wager is somewhere around the length of the earlier Harry Potter books (Sorcerer's Stone or Chamber of Secrets at the most), I'd say the author could have given us a little more.

Nyx is somewhat Mary, Nightmare is super interesting.

Anthony Sanchez and I will try our best not to portray Nyx as a Mary-Sue in our Past Sins Youtube movie trilogy (which if all goes well should be starting on January 1st 2016 at the latest). 
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You should read the comic, there're really good. I think you can find all of them on youtube, that's how I read them. 
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I have actually looked for them on Youtube, but so far I haven't been able to find anyone who does actual readings of them. Just videos that you have to continually pause or else you'll never be able to keep up. I may get the comics for my ipad someday though.
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The ones that you pause are the ones I read.
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woow this is so pritty!
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Beautifuly done my dear! Certainly one of your finest creations.
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As beautiful as it is sad. Oh Princess, don't cry; you're so much more loved and appreciated than you know.
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This is beautiful and sad at the same time...
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Quite the emotionally striking piece! It seems very rare when we get to see an armorless Nightmare Moon, it looks really awesome. I especially like how you did the mane and tail, they look very ethereal and vibrant. Also, great job shading the black, it looks really good.

Also, I thought I might share a little piece of lyrics from a song that might be fitting, here they are (if you don't mind reading them XD):

"I am pain.

I am real. I'm not a dream.
I'm the chain around your neck as you scream.

Surrender now.
You can't beat death at his ruthless game.
Make your bow.
Hang your head in shame.

I am pain.
I am the wound that never heals.
It's all in vain.
No compromise, no deals...

I am pain.
I am the end, I am your wraith.
Nothing remains.
I'm the loss of hope and faith."

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I'm always impressed when an artist manages to properly shade something black. =3
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