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Back Off...

By Kelisah
...She's mine.

Discord does seem like the jealous type, don't you think? heehee. Anyway, I'm having an inner conflict. I love CheesyPie but I also love DisPie! Who to ship? Who to ship?

I loved Pinkie's Pride. Probably my favorite episode to date. Who else was strongly reminded of Zoolander when they watched it?
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pfft Discord you can go with the both of them if you want
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DAMMIT DISCORD! You put Weird Al down!
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Cheese's lesson = Never steal Pinkie away from Discord.
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Discord's lesson: Never try to steal Pinkie Pie from a party pony so perfect for them.
I have this inner conflict myselfe and it is awful xD CheesePie is awsome because theirnare both super patty ponies and I love them so much - but Discord, Lord of Chaos, and Pinkie, that shipping is awsome, too. Pinkie is the only character I ship Discord with, 'cause I think the other wouldn't fit. FlutterCord ... No, I would like them to be friends, don't know why but they seem to me more like friends then lovers. Or DisLestia: I don't like Celestia, so I wouldn't ship Discord with her xD
So, hard question over hard question ...

But I like the piczire, even if Discord isn't that guy that would bet someone to get something(-one) (he might drwon him in chocolate rain-lake xD)
And I love Cheese's face, this "what are you talking about and DON'T KILL ME!" xD
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i like discord with fluttershy istead of him with pinkie! plus CHEESYPIE IS MY FOVORITE SHIP EVER!!
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I agree on both ends.
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Imagine if Discord participated in the Goof Off.
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i actually prefer cheese-pie

Cheese Sandwich clapping : thx

Horrified Worm Jeff Emote : shut up 
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Kill him, kill him now
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i love cheesepie!!! discord go back and date celestia
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Fight fight fight fight fight
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To everyone shipping fluttercord shut up and go away. I hate fluttershy ships period and the fact that freakin mary sue got to reform him pisses me off i hate fluttershy with the fiery passions of a thousand suns. Its stupid that its always fluttershy this fluttershy that if i had it my way there wouldnt be a fluttershy. yeah i like discopie and cheesepie i cant chose between the two. I still think making fluttershy reform him makes her a huge mary sue.
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Isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion? Sure fluttercord isn't my fave ship either but I wouldn't knock anyone else down for liking it.
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That's true i mean i find fluttermac cute and i wouldnt want anyone knocking me for it.
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:D it's a very cute ship but my fave is cheesy-pie (I dunno it kinda grew on me:p) I hate the color pink but I just luv pinkie pie! ^-^ 
I'm soooo weird ;n;
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Really? Mine too! CheesePie is so adorable I mean his flashback screams true love XD. Pink is a clichéd color and pinkie pie makes the color look good I actually used to think she was more magenta but that could just be when she goes flat mane. Yeah she's a cool character I like how she can just randomly pull out a cannon seemly out of thin air. Ha ha no your not! I like cheery people their positive outlook on stuff rubs off on me and I need it so you are fine. :hug:
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lol XD the party cannon!
Aw thnx! :hug:
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Yup! XD You're very welcome :)
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Fluttershy can't be a Mary Sue. Mary Sue is not a canon hero unless she's a canon hero who does *everything*, solves all the problems, and totally overshadows the rest of the cast. Performing an amazing feat does not make a canon hero a Mary Sue, it makes them a canon hero as opposed to a totally boring character no one wants to watch a show about.

When Fluttershy becomes an alicorn princess, is smarter than Twilight, faster than Rainbow Dash, stronger than Applejack, more fashionable than Rarity and more random than Pinkie, then you can start crying Mary Sue. A canon hero doing something amazing that the other heroes couldn't, in an ensemble cast, where the other heroes frequently do things that this one can't, is not a Mary Sue. 

And of characters who could have theoretically reformed Discord, I have *never* read a fanfic where Twilight does it that seems like it is remotely in character, and Pinkie isn't actually manipulative enough. I think Pinkie's too much like Discord herself to be able to reform him -- she likes the chocolate rain and all, but she doesn't understand why he's mean, because she's not mean, so I suspect she'd get really upset with him on a regular basis. And the fact that Pinkie can blow up at you one minute and then forgive you and act like she was never mad in the first place the next minute means she can't provide the kind of consistency you'd need to bring Chaos incarnate into line. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity wouldn't even want to try, and wouldn't even begin to trust him enough to be able to if they did try.

I think Pinkie and Discord would make great friends now that he is reformed, and I wish we got to see him hanging out with her on occasion, but I don't think she could have reformed him and I think Cheese is a much better potential match for her than Discord is. Discord's random meanness would *hurt* Pinkie more than it would hurt others; she's very sensitive to meanness. 
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