Donald Trump: What's the Deal?

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The film was commissioned in 1988 by Leonard Stern as the first of a series on celebrity businessmen and finished in 1991. Back then, the only way for a film to be seen was on television or in the theater. Donald threatened to sue any broadcaster or distributor that took on the film. In effect, it was suppressed. It was screened twice in back-to-back standing room only showings at the Bridgehampton Community House on July 3, 1991, the same day that Donald announced his engagement to Marla Maples.

Trump has an ugly history of classic sociopathy, which includes “truthful hyperbole” (his own term for bending the truth). The film debunks Trump’s claim of being a self-made billionaire. He inherited his wealth from his father. According to Forbes magazine he’s been in bankruptcy court five times (most recently in 2014). He’s notorious for using borrowed money (often in the form of junk bonds) to finance real estate developments and filing for bankruptcy protection when he can’t meet debt repayments.

Now that Trump is running for president, it is time for the American People to meet the real Donald and learn how he does business. The old Trump and the new Trump? They're the same Trump!

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What a tragic figure it is, that he actually missed to be. :salute:
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It baffles me anyone could put their trust in such an obvious, callous psychopath. This one on one side, war criminal Hillary on the other. I hope against hope for Bernie Sanders.

I know we all know politics is broken and most politicians are the last people that should be allowed anywhere near the Parliament/Congress/budget/red button, but Americans really take the cake with the villains they choose for presidents. Hollywood melodrama/bdsm special for the rest of the world, sans the safe word...
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dude is just an attention whore and drama queen lol. the states are fucked if they seriously vote him in as president. 
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XD i should also mention you look like an orangutang in a suit and make george bush jr look intelligent
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You probably look like a yesterday's dinner after I ate.
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Still an improvement compared to you :p lol
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