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The Sound of Silence

By KeldBach
Visit this link for more info: The Sound Of Silence - DA Statement

The original DA logo is courtesy of, modified by me. Feel free to use anywhere on DA.
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Hard to believe it's been almost year since this click happy User Interface was forced upon the membership.

On review, I have to say that repeated use has not made it grow any fonder. I've always been able to manipulate it. But simple tasks are now needlessly complex. Hidden menus abound. And simple logical actions and consistency are not it's strong points. Nor have any of its major flaws been meaningfully addressed.

But worse, one year later there still is no viable alternative. The so-called rivals revealed as so much vaporware or just another forgotten plan on the drawing board.

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Ich hatte etwa 1/3 der üblichen page views. Kann man zwar nicht verallgemeinern. Aber ein Einbruch von 2/3 scheint doch recht viel zu sein. Ich bezweifele aber, dass das jemanden von Eclipse interessiert... 
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I'll be gone from this site for the next three days.
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DO YOU THINK THAT -WILL HELP?No way- they will install -and thats it !BEAUTY DESIGN
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Know what happens when I do that?
They switch me to Eclipse.
I always switch back, but I tire of this game so yeah, I'm in compadre.
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A petition to stop forced ECLIPSE can be signed here:…
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This would be great but for most in here this place is like crack cocaine. Somewhat reminiscence of Face Fuck I mean Face Book. This is what social media has done to the masses. Sorry folks.
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I would do that but I'm afraid that this is a lost cause and since I decided that after 20 May I'm leaving DA for good, I want to post as many photos as I can - sort of last hurrah,  a band playing on sinking Titanic...All good things come to an end, but I want to use those 20 days to leave a reminder of me ever being on DA
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I wonder if DA will give us a Stimulus Core Subscription for the website quarantine stay in place movement   Great Logo
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Thanks for creating this! :D
But I will make my protest longer, at least a week.
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Yes, one week would be better. I might do the same :)
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Can I use this image?
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You're most welcome :)
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Awesome! Thank you! : D
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very good idea.I'll do it.:nod:

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I love how you used the original logo! :ahoy:
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Thank you. I always liked the old logo better :)
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Can I post this too?
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