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Raising the Soviet Flag of Victory - Banned by FB

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This iconic photo of a Russian soldier raising the Soviet flag on top of the Reichstag building in Berlin 75 years ago, was banned by Facebook. Anyone surprised?

After all, it was the Russians who defeated Nazi Germany — not the US and their allied, although they'd like to think so!

Original photo by Yevgeni Khaldei, cropped and resized by me.
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PurplePhoneixStarHobbyist General Artist
Us Americans couldn't beat the Nazis without the Soviets. Great respect for their efforts in the war. 
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photographicladyHobbyist PhotographerFeatured
Mr. KeldBach, I love you for this one!!!!
Indeed! You are right. 
Brainwashing in the West takes place in a very perfidious form. So many Russians lost their lives in the war, were robbed, starved, killed, raped by the Germans and my government never apologized !!! Not until today. That's what I call history! This is soooo wrong! Many Russian soldiers gave their lives to drive Germany out of their country, drive them back from Poland and then free the people in the concentration camps.
But heroes are the ones who dropped bombs, which completely destroyed Germany, and then of course gave them loans to build up on their own initiative ...

All of this is not taught here in schools. I'm ashamed of that!
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Thank you so much for this comment, Janicka :thumbsup:

You're absolutely right and that's also the main reason why I posted this iconic photo. Western propaganda has completely distorted the historical facts about WWII and even today Russia is being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the West.

Thanks again and I hope you're doing fine :hug:
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photographicladyHobbyist Photographer
Nod Hug 
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The Soviet soldiers found a red color table cloth in Berlin.  They turned it into a Soviet Flag for the victory photo to be taken in Berlin.  They had to make that flag.  That flag is still on display in a museum in Russia.  Text was deed to the flag to say that the flag was after the war.
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Yes, I know the story about the flag, but the photo became the symbol of victory nonetheless.

My point here is: why did Facebook ban this iconic photo?
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Because Facebook is run by Fascist Rules-Nazi Assholes.  One time Facebook locked me out of my account.  My last name is "Weed", and they had a problem with my name.  I had to email Facebook Incorporated a photo of my Driver's License in order to prove my name was actually my real name.  I had to show my papers to the Facebook Gestapo. 
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Well, that's too bad. I left FB long time ago when they changed their User Agreement, saying that everything posted there (pictures, videos, articles, even comments) belonged to FB and could be used for advertising or other commercial purposes without notice. I didn't want to lose the rights to my photos, so I quit right away.
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Yeah, I saw an abc News 10 story about that sort of thing.  A woman had posted a photo of here baby on FB, and it ended up being used in some Crest advertisement on there.  Her baby photo was being used to sell some Crest product. 
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