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R.I.P. DeviantArt

By KeldBach
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Got pissed off when the staff once again forced me to read their latest update in the useless Eclipse mode, so I made this piece. Glad I was still able to switch back to the old site, but for how long...
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Already signed it. And that layout image included looks a lot more asthetic and user-friendly and what we have now.

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Good, spread the word

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Wenn man keine Gruppe betreuen möchte, kann man sich mit dem Eclipse schon irgentwie arrangieren, aber Wehmut bleibt !

Mir fehlen viele Mitglieder, die ich früher angetroffen habe und meine Gruppen funktionieren auch nicht mehr wie früher. Also - ich schließe mich der Trauergemeinde an

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It just hurts. It was an arts-paradise for me. Everything. Classic, digital, photography, fantasy, sci fi, documentary, nature,... just everything. And a community. One would even receive (or give, of course) a "thoughtful comment" on the art. Show that you value the artist's efforts and that the art moves you emotionally.

Then Wix came with all it's JavaScript and eye-hurting design and killed it.

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Well, I guess it's done and we're switched. First thing I noticed is that Firefox is completely impossible to use as a browser for this. All the site content wobbles and blurs around into itself like some drunken prom date. So now I need to open Chrome, just to access the site. Reacting to notifications is a major pain, notes are buried under chat etc. pp. Most of the real estate on the page is taken up by tool bars and menus rather than by content. Still digging around trying to make sense of where everything is, what is still left, what is gone, what gimmicks are new. So useless!

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I think all you should have the new web, in case they ignore your requsst.
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Old DeviantART Is not the end

Say no to Eclipse 
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If one can not change the look to what they once loved, there is always alternatives.

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DeviantArt still lives.

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i made my own petition and i want this to be shared, and please vote for this
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More like the classic/helpful DeviantArt. Eclipse is blinding the admins.
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The great leap backwards is done...

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Google+ Got Destroyed YouTube Got Destroyed I'm not gonna let them Destroy Deviantart
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exactly, everything get destroyed in social media let alone this, so i agree with you
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Maybe if enough people listen we can change defiantart's mind to go back to old layout.
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who knows i really hope so ;)
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To EVERYONE who is mad about Eclipse (I am mixed)*sigh*............
Recently I have just seen this god-forsaken journal entry..........  , and it had me see how almost everyone on this website is making WAY TOO MUCH of a big deal out of the whole news about DA (I mean no offense to anyone who IS mad about it.........). And I’ve come to say that honestly........I honestly don’t know what to say, I honestly have mixed feelings about DA Eclipse. I mean, there are both positive and negative aspects about Eclipse. The positives are being able to like comments; and the negatives include an abysmal layout, no search bars in anyone’s gallery or favorites; and the upcoming removals of things such as writer and critiques. And even though I agree with these negative aspects, like I said, I feel like almost everyone is pretty much being too dramatic about it. And from what I’ve read from the journal, seriously? Deactivating your accounts to try and convince the staff? :iconasylusg

Why the Eclipse Protests are RidiculousThis will (hopefully) be my final rant journal discussing the subject of the recent Eclipse Protests that’ve been happening all over DeviantArt. So if I sound offensive in some parts, I’m very sorry, I’m only trying to get some points across. 
As some of you guys probably remember, I made this journal, , sharing my thoughts on how I’m neutral to DeviantArt Eclipse and have mixed feelings about it. And in that journal, I also expressed a bit how I thought almost everyone on this site is pretty much making too much of a big deal out of it. I know I’m about to repeat myself from the previous journal, but like I said, I need to get some points across. 
Even though I agree with some of the negative things about Eclipse and how the company’s forcing us to use it, I honestly find it extremely annoying and obnoxious of how a lot of people are reacting to it. They’re pretty much going into full panic mode WITHOUT

Please actually read these so that you (and everyone else in this god-forsaken comment section of this post) can actually DO some more logical thinking instead of turning your brains off and going into panic-mode........
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Typical hypocrites.......

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