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Nuclear Power - the New Green and Clean Energy

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With the 26th UN Climate Change Conference over, nations are making plans to move to green energy in a bid to tackle global warming.

But nuclear energy is a particular sticking point. While it is the largest source of low-carbon electricity in OECD countries, some nations have spoken out against the categorisation of nuclear energy as climate-friendly. What do you think?

Read the full article: The World Nuclear Club

Infographic via Al Jazeera, modified by me.

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Many more nations have nuclear weapons than officially reported.

You also missed Australia. They have nuclear facilities for supposedly "medical purposes". There are others similar. Additionally, Australia worked with the United Kingdom for nuclear testing, they may have a few bombs squirrelled away somewhere.

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You're probably right, but the countries mentioned here, are OPEC members only.

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Australia and Indonesia trade oil, about a million barrels every year, just so Indonesia can be an oil exporter and member of the OPEC group. In a sense, Indonesia becomes a willing spokesman for Australian interests without Australia appearing to openly join and offend the USA.

The Australian government leaders are always doing dodgy things like that. They traded wheat for oil that got traded later for gold with the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein for years, allowing the Iraqis to get around the USA-led oil sale embargo. It helped Australia to become the first Western nation without any national debt by the time John Howard ended his period as Prime Minister. During the Vietnam War, the Australian government sent military advisors to both sides, to keep the war going because it was very profitable for the Australian economy.

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OK, I didn't know that. Thanks very much for the info :thumbsup:

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You're welcome.

My info on who has nuclear weapons is outdated now, but back in the 1980s when I had access to the Defence "white paper" report, 47 nations were listed as having nukes hidden away. You wouldn't believe some of the names.... including a really tiny South Pacific nation, and it's not New Zealand.