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American Exceptionalism is Nothing New
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Published: December 3, 2018
Another war criminal and ultra nationalist has gone home to roast. The quote is from George H.W. Bush's presidential election campaign in 1988.

See also: Oil tycoon, CIA chief, President: George H.W. Bush was the epitome of American empire and The Ignored Legacy of George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism, and Obstruction of Justice.

Background image of Hell by an unknown artist. Image of Bush is courtesy of Getty Images, modified by me.

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Sad & depressing to see a man make an idol of a nation. That kind of thing does lead to hell.
And those who follow such men need to stop, and get off the road to the hot place.

And yes, I'm thinking of Conservative American Christians.
Repent, dump the wars, ditch the racism, pursue compassionate justice!
Be a blessing, not a curse!
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This sounds like a typical 'threat' a child would use
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FinnyanneHobbyist General Artist
Hmm, I think, he is just following his wife. Barbara died in Spring an he is following now… as he always did as in following economics, rich people, idiots and own selfish interests.
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
HO hum! Terrible to apologise!!!!!!!!!!
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Rest in Hell GLobalist waomrongrng bastard Bush
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geiselkirchenProfessional Artist
cool pic, brother :D
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist
Sadly, too many Americans also have this same attitude and in so doing are hypocritical. Many Americans are so quick to get all "HOW DARE YOU!!!" when another country refuses to admit to having done something shady, while we have this entitled attitude of "WE'RE AMERICA! WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT, NO MATTER THE COST, NO MATTER THE FACTS! BOW TO US, WORLD! FUCK YOU!" and then we get all "HOW DARE YOU!!!!" when anyone calls bullshit on our arrogance. lol ... ah humans are fucked up.
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist
"We're right, even if we're wrong. We're doing good, even if we're doing evil. We're perfect, even if we're mistaken. SIG HEIL!!!!"

Adolf Feller by paradigm-shifting  

The deviantAPATHY Staff would make for wonderful politicians. 

I respect his son more, because at least GWB didn't pretend to NOT be a war mongering dick tator. He was proud of it and admitted it freely. Where as his Daddy acted like he was this peaceful righteous poster child of all things good and pure. When in truth, he was a war mongering cock sucker.

"You're either with me, or my enemy" -GWB (as well as Anikan Skywalker after he went dark side lol)
"I wouldn't mind living in a dictatorship, as long as I'm the dictator!" -GWB

I respect an honest tyrant more than a total fraud. 
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And its paradox that USA called "land of freedom". People understand when only one state dictate to all world what to do, its not freedom. Even in childhood, watching american movies, I noticed fact that in it villlains are always those people who dont want to obey USA. I thought this is dark irony: USA often shows themselves as hero and other as "bad guys", but in reality US a long time ago already became a typical cartoon-comic villain who "want whole world"
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist
Here is something I think you would like:    
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Jewish anti-white tyranny?
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist
No. Just watch it and find out what it is, or don't watch it. Up to you.
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RedsterfishProfessional General Artist
:rofl: dat guy is badass uno.

By mentioning the term 'apologise' ....what?
Ah, sure sometimes people on the streets get mad about nonsense.

The United States is something honourable ...and sacrosanct, I want to believe
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I believe he said that in response to US forces accidentally shooting down a civilian iranian airliner, killing hundreds.
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That's right. It was in response to a question from a journalist regarding the (accidental) downing of an Iranian passenger plane in 1988. See this: Iran Air Flight 655
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A war criminal, in both the precise/technical and general meaning of the word.
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What an absolute scumbag.
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