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A Hollow Victory
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Published: December 21, 2018
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Got Military, Need Victory by KeldBach

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Doc-SkitzHobbyist Traditional Artist
O'Bama should have never deployed troops to Syria in the first place.
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Absolutely true, but Obama was a war-monger - regardless of whatever nonsense the globalist elites' ass-licking media corporations claimed. Just another globalist puppet who reads from a script.
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Doc-SkitzHobbyist Traditional Artist
The Iranian-supported Shi'ites are equally anti-American and anti-Western! At the moment, nevertheless, our most bellicose self-declared adversary in the Muslim world is the fundamentalist Shi'ite regime of Iran.

O'Bama is a Shiite. Even though he outwardly professes Christianity he is inwardly a Shiite according to the Shia doctrine of Taqiyya--dissimulation--as long as it is for the ultimate glory of Islam.
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Yeah, and Iran isn't going away any time soon.

I don't know what Obama really is, he acts like a communist who hates the USA and all Western values, but he's also been repeatedly as a self-serving corrupt bastard who half the time is just a puppet of Hillary Clinton.
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Doc-SkitzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Some indicators of a Shiite/Islamic connection to Obama:

1. Hussein, of course, is the name of the martyr-founder of Shia Islam.

2. Obama's parents' marriage seemed to be in line with the Shia doctrine of Nikah Mutah, or temporary marriage of convenience. In such a marriage the Muslim man may marry a Christian or Jew.

3. Obama could outwardly profess Christianity and inwardly be a Shiite according to the Shia doctrine of Taqiyya--dissimulation--as long as it was for the ultimate glory of Islam.

4. In debates Obama has stated how he is willing to destabilize Pakistan (Sunni) going after the Taliband (Sunni) but wants to pull out of Iraq, giving Iran (Shiite) the advantage in Iraq. He would also sit down and talk with Iran's leader without conditions. His choice of Biden as VP is also telling: Biden is a great supporter of Iran. After 9-1-1 he wanted the US to give Iran a huge grant ($200,000,000 I think was reported by National Review magazine).

5. Early in his campaign Obama had a private meeting with Hussan Al-Qazwini (Shiite) religious leader at the largest American Mosque which is located in Dearborn, MI. Al-Qazwini gave Obama a copy of his new book, CRESCENT AMERICA. They discussed foreign policy including Israel. Louis Farrakhan has been an honored guest at this mosque as well as at Obama's United Church in Chicago. Farrakhan preaches the destruction of American will come via Islam. Obama's former minister, Rev. Wright, was a Black Muslim before he decided on the Christian pulpit as reported in the New Republic magazine.

6. Slips of the tongue: Obama said he would campaign in all 57 states (the number of Islamic states in the OIC at the UN) rather than all 50 states. He also said, "My Muslim faith," in an interview with George Stephanapolous.

7. Obama, if truly baptized, would have taken a Christian baptismal name. But he continues to go by his Muslim name.

8. The Kenya connection: His activity in Kenya has been in favor of the Muslims and Muslim political bosses there.

9. His father, grandfather, step-father and nearly all his half-siblings are or were Muslim.

10. Obama was registered as a Muslim in a school in Indonesia. He is reported to be able to recite the Muslim call to prayer with a perfect Arabic accent. He says, himself, that the prettiest sound at sunset is the Muslim call to prayer.

11. The symbol or campaign logo of Obama is a blue crescent over fallen red and white stripes. The crescent, of course, is the symbol of Islam and blue has come to represent the states that vote Democratic; Red, the states that vote Republican. Blue is allied with Islam with this logo, while the red stripes of the flag (the Red being maintained by Republicans) is ruffled on the ground.

12. What motivates Obama? Why would a junior senator not rather support Mrs. Clinton and put in his time in the Senate and build his reputation? Why does he have to win the Presidency of the US now? Where is all his money coming from? What is his connection to Khalid al-Mansouri? My suspicion: He feels he is on a mission from God:

    a) To help facilitate the destruction of the State of Israel.

    b) To promote Shia Islam over Sunni Islam.

    c) To subordinate the West for the spreading of Islam.

    d) Politically, to support a socialist system.
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RedsterfishProfessional General Artist
  • our boys are coming home
  • 2 who really cares about those boys
  • some banker bilanced, the war costs more than it´d ever bring in
  • Rump is dump :D
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FinnyanneHobbyist General Artist
And it is fairy tale time again...

But I have to admit … I like The Valiant Little Tailor better… his stories had a little bit more of truth inside at least ;)
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Not sure it's that hollow. Trump promised 2 years ago to get the USA out of Syria, and despite the opposition from BOTH the Republican party and the Democrats, and the Deep State that just wants more wars, and more wars, and more wars - finally, he could get the USA troops out.

Claiming a "victory" is just PR and an excuse. They're leaving, you should be cheering.

You almost sound like you're saying Trump is bad no matter what he does. Just like the mainstream media, the neocons on both sides, the globalists on both sides.

You may find this video interesting…
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The main thing is that they leave Syria ... other is the "background noise"
Kurdish "fighters"... hmm... they fragmented and always loves to sit on fences. Between Americans / oil business and legal Syrian government and their option now will be the  dishonor and lost war.
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EllygatorHobbyist General Artist
I still can't believe we put this retard in charge. And I feel sorry for the Kurdish fighters who risked everything trusting their American allies.
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If he's a retard, then how did he run hundreds of successful corporations and only have 6 of them among the hundreds go bankrupt?

If he's that dumb, how did he win an election against an opponent who was backed by 99% of the media and who had 20 times as much campaign funding?

You sound like you want more fucking damn wars. Isn't it a good thing that Trump kept a promise to actually LEAVE SYRIA? Or are you just a Democrat stooge who has to be opposite to Trump on EVERYTHING regardless of whether it's good or bad?
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RedsterfishProfessional General Artist
Wt´re completely sucked into their system matey.
Go and get a fresh brainwash now smells round here Dopefish Lives! 
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Wrong. I research everything. I cited points which you can't - and won't - counter. Why couldn't you actually respond to the points raised? Instead you make accusations.

And making up shit and insults without citing any evidence at all is just lame NPC shit.

Your position is probably fed by liars to such an extent that you have never engaged in thoughtful research, yet believe yourself "informed" as you echo the mainstream media's prescribed opinions. You're not informed, you're the sheep who thinks he's being challenging and 'smart' without ever, not even once, putting in the effort required to exercise scepticism of what you're supposed to believe. If you have such energy to put into writing poetry, why can't you put more into discovery of whether what you have chosen to accept is truth or lies? On your own. Without just picking the "approved" sources and letting them think for you.
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RedsterfishProfessional General Artist
Despite Donnie is a huge outdated populist, he made everybody mad round here, with his grandpa awkward, naive evaluations of any state of political happening, let´s say in Europe. There was a tons of enmeshment for at least a year ...big smelly stuff, callling a culture grown over centuries just say worthless. Not to talk about his hunt after the great steps Obama made. I have of course wiped away any trumpian news and will block as much as possible away in the future. It´s too exhausting, and not worth anything, a true waste of time. Even my family decided to leave everything linked to that name in the dark. Following I will not do the slightest reserch ...evermore, about this monster, whirlwind, or bad weather (choose what fits for you ;)). There has never been, any mindfuck created by fake or nonfake news like he did before in political history. I will not, definitely not look for anything positive to draw out of this pure struggle and mixing up everything. So much for this!
The democrats were bought by the Clintons sure. Hillary is an alcoholic. And her speeches didn´t work, who would believe. Her arrogance and ignorance was truly recognizable, I really blame her for seeking that position. Bernie Sanders was the man, he was kicked out by his own party, most of all by the Clintons universe.

All in all, I cannot put any more energy into politics, it´s most of all too exhausting and it´s not that necessary for my way of life.
I predict a complete breakdown of all the authoritarian and big mighty leaders, in the nearer future.

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Why is being a "populist" a bad thing? Do you have something against popular choice of the people? You sound exactly like an authoritarian globalist denying the rights of the common people to make decisions on who they should elect.

Macron of France would love you. So would Stalin, Pol Pot, and others who call anyone opposed to them a "populist" when those opponents are championing what the common people want.

Obama dragged the USA into more war mongering slaughter of brown people in other countries. Gee, he really did NOT deserve a "peace prize" for continuing the same policies of G W Bush - but then both are serving the same globalist masters.

It also appears that all you're doing is cult-like denialism.

Did you even investigate, or is exercise of scepticism so much against your way of learning about the world that you prefer to parrot the idiotic lies of the corporate mass media, their echo chamber supporters who pretend to be "questioning" while really not doing any such thing.

The corporate mass media incited hate, convincing their believers that it's OK to attack Trump supporters…

The corporate mass media outright lied, repeatedly… (crowd size at rallies)……………………… (fake polls)

The corporate mass media in the USA was openly, blatantly, obscenely biased against Donald Trump because many of the Old Media were in alliance with Hillary Clinton back in 2016…………

The corporate mass media falsely claimed that Trump is racist, and that Trump's supporters are also all racists…………………

and most Western media simply echoed what the lying USA news media claimed, without bothering to care about the truth of anything.

if you're going to have an opinion, insult someone, make sure you tried to verify if it's based on something more than what you got told without checking anything.

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RedsterfishProfessional General Artist
The Media Have LOST the Right To Call the Trump Camp Racists. (At utube) That chick is truly infected by political madness!
That´s just a populist rush going on with her. A crazy mix - up of everything and nothing. The positive thing is, she is so upset and kinda into Trumps shit ...she would die as a hero for him probably. The insult --- designation thing is another populist big deal, developed by Donnies ad - propaganda - division. He´s just like echoing back as part of the 'wear down' kind of style by the Trump administration. This administration is just not knowing what decency is, yet how it´s spelled.

Have a look at this:

Rump is Dump! (that guy isn´t your saviour!) Though if you want back the later middly ages :|

That great leader movement, which is a huge part of the world now, threw back a positive looking ahead world community for ages.

Ps. I´ve watched through most of your links. Not very pro made, kinda politically hobbyists, I suppose.

OnlyTheGhosts's avatar
Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that any idiot can edit... I don't trust Wikipedia at all. It has zero credibility - especially with politics and controversies. I've had too much fun catching them out when alleged "facts" in wikipedia turned out to be the very opposite of what the real source has said. 

Wikipedia started as Nupedia and was known for catering to a male audience with mainly information on sports, cars and women. It was a porn site. In the years that followed, Wales began “memory-holing” – – deleting information about his own inappropriate sexual business activities and exploiting control over Wikipedia by editing information from his own page. By 2003, Nupedia was dissolved into Wikipedia, but much of that content remains purported as “factual” information in Wikipedia today.

Certain Wikipedia “volunteers” are simply allowed to post, edit and research a variety of topics. They are all given credit as “honorable” and “authoritative” sources, without any conflicts of interest published and zero counterpoints. This also allows for false “expert” aliases, as discovered when a young college dropout once posed as a tenured college professor. Even critical opinions are published as fact on Wikipedia when they serve the greater goal of spreading mainstream propaganda.

Larry Sanger, cofounder of Wikipedia, ended up leaving the organization citing concerns over integrity and credibility. He is quoted as saying, “There is no credible mechanism to approve versions of articles. Vandalism, once a minor annoyance, has become a major headache-made possible because the community allows anonymous contribution. Many experts have been driven away because know-nothings insist on ruining their articles.”

There's no actual verification of their alleged "facts" nor definitions, or anything else.…

Didn't you hear about the editing scandal?…

Wikipedia being a blackmail extortion racket has emerged, people are starting to connect the dots on the criminality and corruption that dominates the discredited disinfo site. Not only was Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales a “porn king” who sold online pornography before launching Wikipedia, we also know that wikipedia deliberately censors large categories of truthful information on natural healing, the dangers of vaccines, the crimes of Hillary Clinton, the corruption and criminality of the biotech industry and much more. 

A USA government shill who was one of the regular editors on Wikipedia was exposed too;…

Wikipedia is used for propaganda and spreading lies, it's apparently not just accident, it's part of their business model.

Many of the experts given greater authority are frauds……

Really, "populist" is just a bullshit derogatory assertion used by authoritarians against anyone who champions the common people and is POPULAR. 


"I´ve watched through most of your links. Not very pro made, kinda politically hobbyists, I suppose."

- Yet you cited Wikipedia for a definition. I rather doubt you could have watched most of my links, there are too many and it would take days to do so properly.

I think it's rather strange that someone who is probably telling themselves how more knowledgeable that they are, 
is so incapable of citing much evidence for their claims, and simply insults sources that their opponent presents - without citing any evidence that those sources cited have anything wrong, are false, or anything else lacking. Just assertions, without evidence. Just a game of dismissal, without anything to back it.

Gee, where have I seen that before? Seems awfully familiar...
NPC Debates by OnlyTheGhosts

Don't be like that. It's a terrible way to be.

Trump has been a highly successful businessman who did so well that among hundreds of corporations he owns, only 6 went bankrupt. So he's certainly not an idiot. Won an election despite a 99% hostile coverage from the mainstream media, and despite the opponent having 20x as much campaign funding, and despite taking on vested interests in their own political party. Then went onto succeed in reducing unemployment rates in the Hispanic and Black communities to the lowest they've ever been. Whose policies resulted in the fastest GDP growth in the industrialised world and highest of any Western nation. Brought together two hostile nations, North and South Korea the closest they've been to peace in 65 years.

Not my saviour? Sure, but that's because I'm in Japan, I'm not American, and he's not the president here. However, he's certainly proved to be the saviour of millions of Americans who otherwise would not have a job. He's also ordered USA troops out of Syria, proving that unlike Obama or G W Bush, he actually isn't a Neocon globalist war-monger.

Perhaps you prefer the autocratic anti-democratic rule of the EU, with their policies that of u
nchecked migration which has led to massive problems. Just look at many countries in Europe, where crime has skyrocketed. Every election is blatantly rigged, every referendum a blatant lie. When people want to get out of the EU, they're lied about in the media, and attacked as extremist rightwingers, racists, bigots, etc. The EU has a shitty economy too these days. Everything is dragged down by too much tax, red tape, rules that seem to steadily bring Europe closer to the ideals of the failed Soviet Union but run entirely by bankers; communism to control the poor, fascist corporate deals to benefit the super-rich. It's the test case of globalism and a catastrophe in the making.
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Oh, that landscape of American elites having set their foot somewhere is unmistakable...
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