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Yes, sad to say, I'm leaving DeviantArt soon. I explain my reasons on my blog if you want more details.

If you want to stay in touch, there's several ways you can do so. By...

Email Newsletter

I'll leave this page up for a little while because I don't feel like deleting all my work (yet). Besides which, if someone on this site finds my page here, they can check out the links above to see all my newest work.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and I'll answer.

Thanks for reading, and for all your support!

You. Are. Awesome.
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Let's get right to business...

If you're looking for a book of the downloadable variety, there's the new Mermaids Sketchbook on Gumroad. It features sketches of mermaids from rough pencil lines to finished digital art. Plus it has some teasers for a comics project in progress!

If you want something more physical, or funny, get the new Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics. Successfully funded by KickStarter backers (thank you backers!), it features remastered art, full-color pages, character biographies telling the silly secrets of the Fantasyville police squad, and behind-the-scenes sketches. Plus, while supplies last, each copy comes with a free minicomic - "Rubber Duck: The Reckoning."

There you have it! Two new books available for you however you like to read. If you want other digital books, check out my Gumroad shop, and if you want a more tactile experience, check out my books on Storenvy.

Thanks for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.
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It's T-Rex vs. Shark! Who will you root for? Be sure to get the T-shirt here on Society6.

You can also get my other T-shirt, T-Rex Sissy Fight! on Society6.
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(Insert obligatory "It's been a while since I updated" statement.)

I'm in the process of making new T-shirt designs for Society6. Hopefully they'll be up in time to give you something to spend holiday cash on!

Comics are still updating, though Seeing Him went from twice-weekly updates to once-weekly updates for reasons.

Johnson & Sir was on KickStarter to fund Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics, featuring remastered art and bonus materials. It was successfully funded back in October! Thank you so much to those of you who spread the word and kicked in to the cause!

Validation is still going, but if you can spare even $1 a month, please consider supporting the comic on Patreon. We hope to get more funding in so we can keep bringing you Validation updates! If we meet our milestone goals, we can update more often, make more books, and get other rewards made for you. Please check out the Patreon and spread the word.

Seeing Him is also on Patreon! You can support Seeing Him for as little as $1 a month, as well, and get secret updates and help pay Kia (the writer) for her hard work writing the story.

I have other comics and illustrations in the works. To get the latest updates, check out my blog or sign up for my email newsletter (spam free since it's founding).

Before I forget! I'm also available for commissions. Check out my rates here.

There's also plenty or merch for sale at my Storenvy shop, and there's a new exclusive download available.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.
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I don't have a comparative analysis. I'm just asking you which platform would you prefer to get an artists' wares.

Which platform has helped you get the most sales? Which one do you like the best? And why?
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